Understanding Freebies

Written by Jeffrey Strain

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Free After Rebate: With this method, you pay forrepparttar product up front and then send in some type of proof of purchase (usually a bar code accompanied byrepparttar 105406 receipt) to get a rebate onrepparttar 105407 money you paid. While these look great while purchasingrepparttar 105408 product, it's important to readrepparttar 105409 fine print and terms before proceeding to purchase. Chances are there will be some restrictions which may make gettingrepparttar 105410 rebate difficult. You want to takerepparttar 105411 time to know that you will qualify forrepparttar 105412 rebate and can receive it with relatively little work before you buy. If you don't, you may find thatrepparttar 105413 freebie is not so free after all.

Free Trial: This freebie gives you a product or service at no cost for a certain period of time. Two classic examples are one month free memberships or three free issues of a magazine. As with a free sample,repparttar 105414 companies hope that once you begin using their product or service, you will continue to do so.

The point to be careful about in regards to these free offers is that you are usually required to cancelrepparttar 105415 membership or subscription oncerepparttar 105416 free trial period is over. If you don't, then you will automatically begin being billed forrepparttar 105417 product or service. It is easy to forget these dates and your free trial can become quite expensive if you don't religiously keep track ofrepparttar 105418 dates.

Free Reward: This is where you receive something for free after doing something or completing a task. A classic example is receiving something after filling out a survey or applying for a credit card. The issues to take into consideration and weigh are whetherrepparttar 105419 time spent doingrepparttar 105420 activity is worthrepparttar 105421 reward or, in case of filling out an application, will completingrepparttar 105422 activity cost you in some other way downrepparttar 105423 road.

Free Shipping: This has becomerepparttar 105424 mantra to selling onrepparttar 105425 Internet. You buyrepparttar 105426 product and receive free shipping. The problem here is that we all know thatrepparttar 105427 shipping has to be paid for somewhere, so you can make an educated guess thatrepparttar 105428 shipping fee is being passed onto you in some other form. Classic examples of these are "processing fees" or "handling fees" which are added torepparttar 105429 cost ofrepparttar 105430 product. Even when these don't appear outright, you can be sure thatrepparttar 105431 free shipping has been factored intorepparttar 105432 cost ofrepparttar 105433 product.

As you can see fromrepparttar 105434 above information, free can actually end up costing you in hidden ways if you are not careful. Inrepparttar 105435 end, takingrepparttar 105436 time to understand allrepparttar 105437 information and terms associated withrepparttar 105438 free offer is essential to make sure thatrepparttar 105439 free offer doesn't end up costing you more than if you had never pursued it inrepparttar 105440 first place.

Copyright (c) Jeffrey Strain. He is owner of Charity Click Donation - a website where you can make donations to your favorite causes with a click of your mouse and no money out of your pocket.

Happy Surveying!

Written by Danielle Watson

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You may be thinking, these survey sites don’t want me taking up their time by signing up for their panels. They probably want professional people that know a lot. Wrong! Most want consumers; people like you who shop atrepparttar supermarket, go on vacations, and drive cars. They probably need a large database of people to choose from from different backgrounds and ages. Case in point, I signed up for a site and signed my parents up. They send my parents more surveys than me even though they are in their 40’s and 50’s. So why don’t you go to one ofrepparttar 105404 sites and see how they present their advertisement for people to join their panel. It will usually say “Join our Panel” no catches or spam; and they mean it. I have accumulatedrepparttar 105405 best ofrepparttar 105406 best sites, so you will not be sorry. So sign up now and have a good time giving your opinions (as I am doing here). After seeingrepparttar 105407 sites and signing up you’re ready to takerepparttar 105408 next step of finally making money onrepparttar 105409 web!

Danielle Watson is a student who’s been online since 1997. Her website is Survey’s Galore at http://www.webspawner.com/users/danie3304/index.html

Danielle Watson is a student who has made money on the Internet since 1997. Her email is danie3304@aol.com and she has a website dedicated to listing online surveys at http://www.webspawner.com/users/danie3304/index.html

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