Understanding Custom Server Controls in ASP.NET

Written by Balaji

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Just as you have created a ASP.NET Custom Server Controls you can customize it too to create a unique identity. You can even consume a single ASP.NET Custom Server Controls for multiple web forms. For ASP.NET Custom Server Controls only one copy ofrepparttar control is needed inrepparttar 133467 Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Moreover, ASP.NET Custom Server Controls are very helpful if you want a dynamic layout for your web application.

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Written by Maida M. Barrientos

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Buzzfon is set to release a next generation voip solution by October 2004.

The new release will have premium features enabling users to make crystal-clear pc to pc, pc to phone, phone to pc, and phone to phone calls worldwide onrepparttar lowest rates. Rumors have been going around that users from anywhere inrepparttar 133466 world will be able to callrepparttar 133467 US for only 1 cent per minute, just hold on till you seerepparttar 133468 rest of their international calling rates.

Buzzfon is poised to redefine telephony as we know of it today, from 24x7 Customer Service, crystal-clear voice calls, premium services like Addressbook, Call Redial, Do not disturb, Speed Dial, Call Waiting, Call Mute, Call Hold, Music on Hold, Call Hunting, NAT Traversal, Stun Firewall implementation, Silence Suppression, Comfort Noise; IPBX services and probablyrepparttar 133469 most exciting of all is its most aggressive pricing for international voice calls. They made it clear that one of it's biggest markets will berepparttar 133470 Philippines, with special focus onrepparttar 133471 millions of overseas Filipino workers and their relatives.

This is indeed another mark made by Filipinos globally makingrepparttar 133472 world a smaller place to live in through advanced technology.

Kaya tawag na!

Buzzfon is copyrighted and distributed by Bonusfon.

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