Understanding Common Type System in .Net Framework

Written by Balaji

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There are two general types of categories in .Net Framework that Common Type System support. They are value types and reference types. Value types contain data and are user-defined or built-in. they are placed in a stack or in order in a structure. Reference types store a reference ofrepparttar value’s memory address. They are allocated in a heap structure. You can determinerepparttar 133444 type of a reference byrepparttar 133445 values of self-describing types. Reference types can be categorized into self-describing types, pointer types, or interface types.

There are many other types that can be defined under Value types and Reference types. In .Net Framework,repparttar 133446 System namespace isrepparttar 133447 root for allrepparttar 133448 data types. This namespace consists of classes such as Object, Byte, String, and Int32 that represents base data types. These base data types are used by all applications. During runtime a type name can be classified into two:repparttar 133449 assembly name andrepparttar 133450 type’s name withinrepparttar 133451 assembly. The runtime in .Net Framework uses assemblies to find and load types.

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How VOIP can mask your businesses size and save you a Bundle?

Written by Yolanda Yvette McDonald

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Yvette McDonald has been an IT Analyst for 14 years and has designed an programmed on platforms from the AS/400 to the Internet.

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