Underextend Yourself

Written by Jean R. Charles

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Less obvious, and possibly more freeing, isrepparttar resolution of relationships that are no longer working for you. If a draining relationship is one of your “cards” and you remove it, you then haverepparttar 131390 option to replace it with another relationship that is more suitable. Or, you can keeprepparttar 131391 extra slack in your elastic reserve and haverepparttar 131392 space available for additions to other areas of your life.

You can also create some slack in your rubber band of life by stretching and growing at a reasonable and sustainable rate. As you gain experiences and insights, build more supportive relationships, increase your financial reserves, etc.; your capacity to hold a larger “deck” of life increases. You build reserves and create room to add more to your life without compromising your ability to hold it all together.

So, when that stretched-out feeling alerts you that you are beginning to overextend, stop stretching. Clear out your excess “cards”, or grow your reserves; and regain some slack in your rubber band. You will then be able to add valuable “cards” to your deck of life and remain under-extended and ready for more.

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Desperation to inspiration in thirty minutes flat !

Written by Peter Simmons

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The tv programme had showed that so far inrepparttar trials, if sufferers did a series of eye and body coordination exercises daily, they significantly improved their learning abilities, reading and writing. This in-turn had a profound effect on their self-confidence and daily lives. They didnt consider themselves impaired or different anymore, they became new people and people saw that dramatic change in them instantly.

A few days later he phoned me. Something had changed in his voice, he sounded charged with excitement. As i sat stunned he explained that his whole life had changed. Everything thatrepparttar 131389 dyslexia sufferers inrepparttar 131390 tv programme had suffered he had also suffered. Feelings of being worthless, stupid, confused, lacking in concentration, severe frustration, lack of confidence. He identified with these people of all ages who feltrepparttar 131391 same as he did, he wasntrepparttar 131392 only one suffering with it. He wasnt alone anymore.

I remained stunned as he continued to talk and eventually he became conscious ofrepparttar 131393 fact he hadnt stopped talking. I told him to carry on because it was good to hear him talking so positively and confidently. He'd also just landed a new job as a care support worker which involves helping and supporting others with some kind of difficulty in their homes. I couldnt believerepparttar 131394 transformation i was witnessing. A few days later i spoke to him again by phone and was relieved to find that it hadnt been a dream, it was real and he was stillrepparttar 131395 new Steve. He was still positive and motivated. He'd even started to read a book, something he hadnt done before.

Atrepparttar 131396 time i write this article, Steve has sent off for more information onrepparttar 131397 trials andrepparttar 131398 oversubscribed course they are beginning to offer. He hasnt yet received any information or taken any courses, yet he feels as if he's benefitted because he's been doing some ofrepparttar 131399 simple daily exercises he saw being done byrepparttar 131400 sufferers onrepparttar 131401 programme.

Steve, you inspired me!

I hope by writing this article it will inspire others to change their lives forrepparttar 131402 better too, whether you suffer with dyslexia or not. Always be onrepparttar 131403 lookout for that spark of opportunity that could change your life or someone close to you forever.

Good luck!

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