Unbiased Step-by-step Guide on Web-Hosting

Written by Pavel Lenshin

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Inrepparttar next step we will start to compare all of them in order to chooserepparttar 134415 one that deserves your hard-earned money. This task is being accomplished by simple viewing and testing each ofrepparttar 134416 host providers' web-site. How to test and what things to pay close attention to are explained below, but first eliminate all double hosts if there are any.

4. Knowing your potential market will help you to differentiate some ofrepparttar 134417 host providers by selecting those who are physically located closer to your market. If your auditory is mainly English speaking people then you should think about choosing servers that are located in US. If you are a German restaurant owner running web-site for local market it is not critical, but preferable to put your web-site to web servers that are located in Germany, not in US. I have mentioned web servers instead of hosting providers on purpose, becauserepparttar 134418 hosting provider itself may be located and registered in one place, but having their servers co-located in other city or country, like my own provider situated in Moscow, butrepparttar 134419 web-site they host, physically co-located at their US servers. If you provide universal services (like web-design) and shoot forrepparttar 134420 global markets offering Multilanguage site, then physical location of host provider is subsidiary.

5. Then we will remove absolute "losers". The first criterion they won't pass isrepparttar 134421 look of their web-site. Is it professional or there are amateurish colors with 3 or more banners? If you thinkrepparttar 134422 price of their site design is not even worth $100 you may close their site and forget about them. By doing so, you distinguish profitable host providers from those that don't even have $300-1000 to invest inrepparttar 134423 professional look of their web-site. You may not even read what they wrote on their sites as their appearances tell ten times more about their businesses than no words can.

6. Check technical specifications ofrepparttar 134424 hosting servers that are being offered for your shared hosting. Needless to say that Pentium III 450 Mhz with 1 Gb of RAM, for instance, is worse than Pentium IV 2.2 Ghz with 4 Gb of RAM. Outer channels bandwidth and speed can also give yourepparttar 134425 image of how establishedrepparttar 134426 host provider is. You may not need to know all specifications of routers, connectors or other devices, just ask for specific numbers that are easy to compare. That analysis will also tell what hosts are worth further testing and what aren't.

7. We also need to reassure that our web-site as well as all possible databases won't be vanished due to power supply overload, virus, fire etc. It is important to check what kind of maintenance conditions they offer. - Do they provide 99,9% uptime guarantee? - What kind of independent power supply they offer? - Is there automatic back up option? - Do they have fire and humidity control systems?

Some host providers wouldn't even bother to tell you about these control systems. You know what to do with them - they go offrepparttar 134427 list!

8. Next stage is to send them a prewritten email asking for some question. It may be some purposeful inquiry or imaginary one just for testing task. Those who failed to response in 24 hours are offrepparttar 134428 list also. Remember, that email, due torepparttar 134429 "unstable nature" ofrepparttar 134430 internet, may not be even delivered, so write forrepparttar 134431 second time, if no response again, than they aren't worthrepparttar 134432 ink to spend on them by crossing their web-site address out ofrepparttar 134433 list :0) Just carefully tear them out :0)

9. The last test that we run is to checkrepparttar 134434 connection speed ofrepparttar 134435 remaining hosts. You should know how fastrepparttar 134436 response of your web-site will be.

Two online services would help us in fulfilling this task, namely: http://www.netmechanic.com/server_check/site_monitoring.htm this one will check a particular server within 8 hours and email yourepparttar 134437 report.

http://www.webhostdir.com oolkit/comparehosts.asp allows to compare 4 hosts simultaneously by entering 4 domain names of respective web-sites.

I would suggest testing each host twice. First time to checkrepparttar 134438 response rate of their corporate web-sites, and second time by comparing speed of their clients' web-site as there may be a big difference. Just make sure clients are using approximatelyrepparttar 134439 same shared hosting plans.

That is all. By now you should have several options, your gold, silver and bronze hosting winners. You can go ahead in setting up your web-site with anyone you prefer more. Don't loserepparttar 134440 rest though, as they may prove to be useful in case some collision occurs with your present "winner". Last thing. When your web-site is online, don't just forget to create additional page for providing your new service - expert analysis of selecting web-hosting. :0)

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Solving Common Problems with Hosting Companies

Written by Robin Nobles

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I recently hadrepparttar pleasure of being introduced to Combustion Hosting Company, and to say I was impressed is a vast understatement.

Here are some things that struck me as unbelievable. Whenrepparttar 134414 phone rings, whoever answersrepparttar 134415 phone is required to stand up to answer it and talk. After all,repparttar 134416 sheer act of standing up requires that they’re onrepparttar 134417 ball and are listening to your problems and concerns. And, you actually speak to a “real” person!

With Combustion, if you have a problem, they don’t just “tell” you how to solve it, they solve it for you! Also, their services certainly aren’t limited to “hosting.” They can set you up with an account to where you can accessrepparttar 134418 Internet through local access numbers no matter where you travel.

Their prices are extremely reasonable – much better than I had been paying previously. Plus,repparttar 134419 “extras” I’ve received by going with Combustion are amazing.

Butrepparttar 134420 one thing that makes Combustion shine over most Web hosting companies is their devotion to providing good customer service, and this is an area in which they truly excel.

So, if you’re inrepparttar 134421 market for a new Web site, or if you aren’t pleased with your current host, consider Combustion Hosting. It will be one ofrepparttar 134422 smartest moves you could ever make for your Web site. http://www.combustionhosting.com/moreinfo

If you want further proof as torepparttar 134423 benefits of using Combustion, read: http://www.techvibes.com/absolutenm emplates emplate.asp?articleid=39&zoneid=2

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Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, (http://www.academywebspecialists.com) has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com). She also teaches 2-, 3-, and 5-day hands-on search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (http://www.searchengineworkshops.com).

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