UbidFast Auction opens for business offering safe and secure shopping for consumers.

Written by Steven Leach

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UbidFast offers choices for buyers and sellers for a secure shopping experience. The auction can utilize StormPay or PayPal for transactions between buyer and seller. We know offering a choice to our clients will give us an edge. The larger auction sites only offer one integrated solution for merchants. We will be actively searching for more options for our clients. We do not collect personal credit card information onrepparttar site.

UbidFast upgrades for this month:

Integration of a new look forrepparttar 137486 site and streamlined navigation

Integration of VeraCart.com stores

LiveAuctionPal.com launch promo

In October Ubid Fast will have an online company profile inrepparttar 137487 USA Today Marketplace.

UbidFast is an effort by serveral companies: Names USA- Owner Operator




US Commercial Sales INC


Steven Leach, owner of Names USA, is the operator of Ubid Fast. Since 1999 Names USA has conducted business on the Internet. Based out of Ellington , CT , the company resided at the midpoint between Boston and New York City .

How To Cut Expenses And Manage Your Business

Written by Arun Pal Singh

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And if you hold a lot of business meetings onrepparttar phone, don’t forget to check into teleconferencing or web conferencing as a less expensive solution!

#Change Your Internet Options

The days are gone when you have to pay a fortune for an ISP server. In addition torepparttar 137468 big boys, there are a great many smaller ISPs that will just as good of a job—if not better—for your business.

The key is negotiation and research.

Start by looking online by typing in search terms as “affordable ISP,” and “cheap Internet Service.” Once you’ve found a few, begin to compare rates and services.

Now, if you already pay twice as much with one ofrepparttar 137469 larger companies, call them up and tell them that unless they can lower your rate, you’ll have no option than to switch to another company.

Many times, they will compensate you inrepparttar 137470 form of free months, or downright lower your fee. If they won’t budge, then you’ve already researched your other options, so makerepparttar 137471 move!

Can you see by just taking some time and looking at these areas how you can feasibly save hundreds of dollars per year in your small business? Get creative and figure out other ways to save.

Could you book your trips last minute and save one-half or more on your travel expenses?

Where do you buy your office supplies?

Do you buy in bulk?

Remember, it’s great when you can cutrepparttar 137472 large expenses, but that’s not always possible. Don’t forgetrepparttar 137473 small stuff, too!

Wish you success.

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