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Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

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The Malice Of Corporate America

Written by Jarba

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What is insanely unhealthy about this political system is not one politician corrupted, or one party strayed. It'srepparttar core concept ofrepparttar 113489 "Corporate America" which entrenches every part of our nation, that is marginalizing our individual rights, and defeating our democratic process. On issues where corporations go againstrepparttar 113490 majority wish, they can workrepparttar 113491 process by channelingrepparttar 113492 energy, lobbyingrepparttar 113493 government and concentratingrepparttar 113494 votes. A first hand example is banning for dangerous weapons. Though national poll shows 2/3 of Americans are for it, butrepparttar 113495 NRA, representingrepparttar 113496 big and small gun-shop owners, overturned it successfully because they haverepparttar 113497 vast resources to getrepparttar 113498 1/3 vote focus on this single issue whilerepparttar 113499 majority 2/3 disperse theirs on others. The majority democracy evaporated in this case, and allrepparttar 113500 politicians are taking notes. It's no wonder to see how hard forrepparttar 113501 grassroot third-parties to break into mainstream - because by being grassroot, they're fighting uphill againstrepparttar 113502 "Corporate America".

President Lincoln's vision of what this country is all about, given by his famous Gettysburg speech would need some fundamental revision today - it's byrepparttar 113503 corporate, forrepparttar 113504 corporate and ofrepparttar 113505 corporate.

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