U.S. Postal Service Delivery Confirmation

Written by L. Dean Sturgeon

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You can use Delivery Confirmation withrepparttar following Extra Services:

Return Receipt for Merchandise – Provides a mailing receipt and a return receipt withrepparttar 113488 date of delivery andrepparttar 113489 recipient’s signature. Insured Mail - Insurance against loss or damage for merchandise and gifts. Registered Mail™ - Provides maximum security and date of delivery or attempted delivery. Collect on Delivery (COD) - Allowsrepparttar 113490 postage and price of an item to be collected fromrepparttar 113491 recipient byrepparttar 113492 USPS and given torepparttar 113493 mailer. Special Handling - Provides preferential handling for fragile or perishable items. Merchandise Return Service - Your customers will appreciaterepparttar 113494 ability to return merchandise easily at no cost to them. When you have a Merchandise Return permit, you payrepparttar 113495 postage and fees for goods sent back to you. Return Receipt - Provides a postcard withrepparttar 113496 date of delivery and recipient's signature. Restricted Delivery - Confirms that only a specified person (or authorized agent) will receive a piece of mail. Only available with Certified Mail, Insured Mail over $50, or Registered Mail.

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USCIS (INS) continues to expand online InfoPass service.

Written by Victor Motak

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InfoPass allows anyone who is living in a serviced USCIS district and seeking immigration benefits to schedule an appointment with immigration officers viarepparttar Internet. The simple to use online system allows users to discuss complex immigration issues with USCIS officials, while avoidingrepparttar 113487 long lines.

The secure Internet site offers service in 12 languages and is organized in a series of prompts, askingrepparttar 113488 user to enter their name, zip code, address, phone number and a desired appointment date. Once allrepparttar 113489 information is entered,repparttar 113490 system will generate an appointment notice. Appointments are offered in two-week blocks. The notice will providerepparttar 113491 address ofrepparttar 113492 USCIS office and any information regarding required identification and/or additional documentation, such as a green card or work permit, to be presented atrepparttar 113493 appointment.

US Immigration Guide: visa, green card application, and immigration attorney directory.

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