US Marine Kills Unarmed Iraqi

Written by Gary R. Hess

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Q: Is this a one time only instance or has this sort of thing happened before? A: Numerous underground news agencies have reported instances where soldiers have shot and killed civilians sincerepparttar early days ofrepparttar 113483 war. One instance which I remember quite well was a group of soldiers taking two teenage brothers from a home and killing one and drowningrepparttar 113484 other. Also cases of rape of women have been told as well as murdering males within villages.

Q: What action shouldrepparttar 113485 United States take towards Iraq now? A: The United States should seek immediate help fromrepparttar 113486 United Nations and pull 90% of its troops out of Iraq making way for a broader spectrum of nations helpingrepparttar 113487 cause and putting soldiers under less stress.

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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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When people give uprepparttar responsibility forrepparttar 113482 proper management ofrepparttar 113483 world or their own lives, I believerepparttar 113484 whole world suffers. This lesson that history has taught me must be considered as we re-create a new world. We should not allow other individuals to make decisions for all of society either. We need a similar educational program for parenting. We must stoprepparttar 113485 Cycle of Violence which has infected all layers of society. I personally think any person who usesrepparttar 113486 color of authority for personal needs is akin to a father who has sex with his child.

This is part of a book. It addresses the need for an educated empowered electorate to replace the bureaucats who schlepp for Oligarchy.

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