US Government Recognizes 'They Slew The Dreamer'

Written by Gary Revel

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WHEREAS, six years beforerepparttar signing of legislation by former Governor Charles S. Robb, on April 9, 1984, to establishrepparttar 113498 Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in Virginia,repparttar 113499 Richmond Committee of Black Clergy and Virginia Union University created Community Learning Week, Inc., a community-based, educational program designed to honorrepparttar 113500 memory and commemoraterepparttar 113501 accomplishments of Dr. King; and

WHEREAS, since 1978, Community Learning Week, Inc. has ledrepparttar 113502 Richmond metropolitan communities in celebratingrepparttar 113503 King holiday with appropriate year-round commemorative, educational, spiritual, and service-oriented activities whereby his philosophy and principles ofrepparttar 113504 Beloved Community can be practiced; and

WHEREAS, this year, "Community Learning Week, Inc.," currently known as "Livingrepparttar 113505 Dream, Inc." marks 23 years of continuous community-owned and community-based observances ofrepparttar 113506 King holiday, one ofrepparttar 113507 original andrepparttar 113508 longest organized event of its kind inrepparttar 113509 nation; and

WHEREAS,repparttar 113510 success of annual commemorative events and activities underrepparttar 113511 auspices of Livingrepparttar 113512 Dream, Inc., co-sponsored by more than 125 businesses, public and private schools, higher education institutions, and religious and civic organizations, isrepparttar 113513 result of "tireless efforts andrepparttar 113514 persistent work of dedicated individuals"; and

WHEREAS, Livingrepparttar 113515 Dream, Inc. exemplifiesrepparttar 113516 spirit of service and leadership espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and represents a consensus-building force and a multifaceted, interfaith, culturally diverse union devoted to healing, improving, and enhancingrepparttar 113517 racial climate inrepparttar 113518 Richmond metropolitan area; and

WHEREAS, Justice John Marshall Harlan insightfully wrote, "the destinies ofrepparttar 113519 two races in this country are indissolubly linked together, andrepparttar 113520 interests of both require thatrepparttar 113521 common government of all shall not permitrepparttar 113522 seeds of race hate to be planted underrepparttar 113523 sanction of law," and it isrepparttar 113524 profundity of this expression that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently articulated during his lifetime and now fervently championed by Livingrepparttar 113525 Dream, Inc.; and

WHEREAS, Livingrepparttar 113526 Dream, Inc. urges us to remember and draw strength fromrepparttar 113527 fact that though they slewrepparttar 113528 dreamer,repparttar 113529 dream is not dead, and it is fitting that we recognize and commend this organization for continuingrepparttar 113530 great work begun by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED byrepparttar 113531 House of Delegates,repparttar 113532 Senate concurring, That "Livingrepparttar 113533 Dream, Inc." be commended on its work to preserve and promoterepparttar 113534 philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, Thatrepparttar 113535 Clerk ofrepparttar 113536 House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation torepparttar 113537 Executive Director,repparttar 113538 Reverend Willie Woodson, of Livingrepparttar 113539 Dream, Inc., as an expression ofrepparttar 113540 General Assembly's respect and admiration forrepparttar 113541 outstanding contributions of Livingrepparttar 113542 Dream, Inc. in promoting greater understanding and appreciation ofrepparttar 113543 brotherhood of mankind.

Gary Revel: Born in Florala Alabama June 29, 1949. Raised in Lower Alabama and Florida. Formed rock band at 15, played guitar and sang lead. Graduated high school from Holmes County High School in Bonifay Florida. At 18 he joins the United States Navy and from there it's the music business in Hollywood California. An involvement with Naval Intelligence prepares him for work on the investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Keeping Below the Radar

Written by William Cate

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Pay your taxes on your local income. It avoids confrontation with your government. Keep at least twenty percent of your net assets beyondrepparttar reach of your local government. To ensure that your local government is unaware of your policy, hold those assets inrepparttar 113497 name of a tax haven corporation. Learn a portable skill that allows you to earn money, without licenses, permits or a permanent place of business. Encourage your family members to do it. A common portable skill for people from English speaking countries is teaching English. However, computer skills, medical skills, musical or art talent and loads of other crafts and trades can serve you well. Signup for an evening class at your local Junior College. Having a skill that is in demand beyond your borders ensures that you can make money anywhere inrepparttar 113498 world.

The only certainty is change. Always have a plan that will allow you to move your assets to another country. Readrepparttar 113499 national news and watch your government's policies. There are always signs of pending political change. Atrepparttar 113500 first indication that your government is moving toward war, revolution or other acts that are unhealthy for everyone, startrepparttar 113501 process of moving your wealth offshore. If you need help with your move, there are always honest offshore services that will assist you in your effort to survive. Develop a relationship with one of these services now.

Avoid stupidity. Investigate your offshore options before you act. Read and listen to advice. Avoid major legal and accounting firms or at least their offices in your country. Seek more than justrepparttar 113502 tools that will allow you to spread your wealth and reduce your risks. Develop relationships with firms that can help you use those tools and will teach you how to use them.

Your survival and that of your family lies in asking yourselfrepparttar 113503 right questions now. The way forward is in taking control of your future. If you seriously question my advice, take your next vacation to a refugee camp. The residents are those good middle class people who fearedrepparttar 113504 uncertainty of change and unknowingly acceptedrepparttar 113505 certainty of misery.

Aboutrepparttar 113506 Author: William Cate has offeredrepparttar 113507 Globalize to Survive Workshop for over a decade to middle-class investors in many countries. He'srepparttar 113508 Executive Director ofrepparttar 113509 Global Village Investment Club []. Since 1982, he's beenrepparttar 113510 Managing Director of Beowulf Investments []

He has been the Managing Director of Beowulf Investments [] since 1981 and is the Executive Director of the Global Village Investment Club []

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