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Written by Scott

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Advertising - It amazes me not only how much business spends on print advertising, but how many of them do not include their web address inrepparttar Ads. It's 'way' better than your phone number at 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning? You already pay to print everything, just be sure you're addingrepparttar 131836 line: www.findushere.com Do you have all of those? Good job! Now try these...

You never know where your visitors (customers) could come from...

Your Answering Machine message..."be sure to visit our website at www." Your "On Hold" message..."for additional savings, visit our website at www." Include your website business card with every bill you pay! (See SS Hot Tips) You'd be surprised.

On a Bus waiting bench. Just your URL, thousands of people keep seeing these.

Engraverepparttar 131837 bottoms of your gym shoes. This way, everywhere you walk inrepparttar 131838 mud or snow leaves your URL impression... C'mon, laugh with me! Clear window stickers - The greatest invention, removable, for car window, car door, trunk, etc. License Plates or Frames - If legal, make your "other plate" an Ad for your website! Bumper Stickers - Don't laugh, - you can make them classy, and they're inexpensive to boot! Use for cars, sponsorships, tradeshows, mail one with every order, etc.

About The Author Scott is the Founder and Sr. Project Manager for Hyperformance Media.com, a Technology Marketing Company serving business since 1996. His 23+ years of experience in the computuer industry can help you succeed. Their website offers free education to assist any business in successfully marketing their company online.

http://www.hyperformancemedia.com ss@hyperformancemedia.com

Should I Design In-House?

Written by Jake Gorst

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Needless to say,repparttar task of developingrepparttar 131834 corporate web site should not become part ofrepparttar 131835 IS world. The IS department providesrepparttar 131836 back-end systems that driverepparttar 131837 site. They should not design it.

Shouldrepparttar 131838 task of developingrepparttar 131839 web site go torepparttar 131840 Marketing department? The answer is, not necessarily. It is true,repparttar 131841 Internet is a wonderful marketing tool, but if your site is selling productsrepparttar 131842 Marketing department has no business administering it. Their time is better spent promoting it.

In most cases it would be best to establish a separate department made up of information architects, content developers and graphic designers. This group (we'll call itrepparttar 131843 Internet Development department) works closely withrepparttar 131844 IS and Marketing departments to accomplish their ends.

The IS or Marketing departments should not overseerepparttar 131845 Internet Development department. As a general rule, oil and water do not mix. Creative and analytical minds can compliment each other and contribute to a successful project, but there may be problems when one controlsrepparttar 131846 other. It generally results in wasted efforts and unnecessary tension.

So, if you are a business owner, and you want your business to be successful with in-house web site development, what should you do?

1. Hire an information architect(s) (someone who will organizerepparttar 131847 information that will go in your site).

2. Hire a graphic designer(s) with strong Internet design skills (preferably with knowledge of html and other forms of Internet programming).

3. Group these two together and let them consult withrepparttar 131848 Marketing department for branding purposes and utilizerepparttar 131849 services ofrepparttar 131850 Information Systems department to get your site live onrepparttar 131851 web.

4. Have everyone report to you alone.

5. Be open minded.

Itís that easy.

If your company does not haverepparttar 131852 resources to create a new department and hire an Internet development staff, you may want to seriously consider hiring an agency to create your site. The cost to do so is less than paying salaries. Having a professional, experienced agency create your Web presence will make you more money inrepparttar 131853 long run than having an inexperienced individual dorepparttar 131854 work.

Jake Gorst is a writer, film maker, and president of Exploded View (http://www.explodedview.tv), a new media advertising and design company. He also is a frequent contributor to various trade publications on topics related to Web site and architectural design psychology and trends. Previously, Gorst served as Vice President and Chief Creative Officer for E-Media Publishing, Ltd. and as an Internet content developer for Citibank and other Long Island based corporations.

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