Two for One Dinners: Pork

Written by Michele Webb

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Hong Kong Street Food

Written by Wong Yee Lee

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You can combine as many ingredients as possible in one of these bowls of noodles. The only difference is thatrepparttar more ingredientsrepparttar 113150 more expensive your bowl of noodles will be. There are already at least four types of noodles which you can choose from - greasy noodles, flat noodles, thin noodles or rice noodles. If you want you can have some vegetables. Apart from some Chinese noodles, you can also haverepparttar 113151 western choice of lettuce. Then there arerepparttar 113152 meat options. The most popular would be pig's intestines, pig's blood and pig's skin. However, if these sound revolting to you, then you can choose some more common ones such as fish balls, chicken wings, meat balls, pork belly meat, fish dumplings, pork dumplings etc.

There is one thing to remember. One may not find these places very hygienic. I am not saying that you should refrain from trying any of these places since it is one ofrepparttar 113153 specialties in HK. The food on offer is generally very well cooked, so you should not have any problems. What you need to do is just to be careful. If you are already having difficulty acclimatizing torepparttar 113154 new environment, then I would advise you to leave these eating places until another time.

Gather your courage and I am surerepparttar 113155 food from such stalls will not disappoint you!

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