Two and Two Make Five

Written by Pamela Heywood

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She knew, instinctively, what, atrepparttar time, I did not. That *mother* has to do this to stimulate said apparatus to work.

The box stayed onrepparttar 101963 floor andrepparttar 101964 dog didn't leaverepparttar 101965 side of it forrepparttar 101966 next three days and nights together. If someone within so much as hiccuped, she was there, snouting around to check on her newly adopted charges.

She stopped short of attempting to breast-feed. Oh,repparttar 101967 kittens tried, but Holly yelped as those needle sharp teeth impaled on tender flesh! I therefore gotrepparttar 101968 job of shoving milk in one end with a syringe at two hourly intervals. I wiped little hands and faces with a damp cloth, then held each kitten up for Holly to take care ofrepparttar 101969 other ends.

It was like a factory production line! And it was truly magnificent to watch, be a part of and to learn from.

Do you see what I am getting at?

Those kittens obviously could not have survived without food. But they also would not have survived withoutrepparttar 101970 dog's attentions. Neither task was more, nor less important thanrepparttar 101971 other. Neither of us was competing, we simply HAD to work together to getrepparttar 101972 job done. The result isrepparttar 101973 lives of those three tiny, helpless mites who are now growing up to be very fine and strong young cats.

(OK, a little confused about their identities. How many cats do you know who come when their *mother* barks? :-)

It has also done masses to cementrepparttar 101974 relationship between me andrepparttar 101975 dog. The responsibility she took on has changed her personality entirely from self-centred to co-operative and caring, but I think I learned more than anyone.

Teamwork is not always about competition and scoring points. It's not about bosses and subordinates, there should be harmony, although there may well be leaders. It's not about *what's in it for me*, nor even you.

It's about what can be achieved together that's bigger than itself and goes out beyond itself, yet still brings back much more in terms of repayment and satisfaction.

Apply these principles to your business, team and client relationships, to your joint ventures, to your reciprocal linking strategy, to your viral marketing ... and watch your results add up to way beyondrepparttar 101976 sum ofrepparttar 101977 parts.

"The universe operates through dynamic exchange ... giving and receiving are different aspects ofrepparttar 101978 flow of energy inrepparttar 101979 universe. And our willingness to give that which we seek, we keeprepparttar 101980 abundance ofrepparttar 101981 universe circulating in our lives." ------Deepak Chopra

Pamela Heywood is a former accountant and journalist, with a career spanning over 20 years and two countries. Publishing successfully online since 1999, she was recently interviewed by Top UK Broadcaster, Peter Twist, for "Internet Success Interviews". For daily expert advice in making your small business a SUCCESS, subscribe here:

Small Steps And Golden Stones

Written by Peter Murphy

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Today as you walked throughrepparttar field you wanted to avoid getting wet and hot. Nor did you want to lose any water from those two full urns. But you got soaked byrepparttar 101962 wet grass and you slipped from time to time onrepparttar 101963 damp track and lost a little water each time. And allrepparttar 101964 worry made you sweat.

If instead you had paid attention to what you wanted - to be cool and dry as you carriedrepparttar 101965 urns you might have noticedrepparttar 101966 other pathway throughrepparttar 101967 field. The one inrepparttar 101968 shadow ofrepparttar 101969 forest.

You can walk along that trail of perfectly level golden stones at anytime ofrepparttar 101970 day without being bothered byrepparttar 101971 heat ofrepparttar 101972 sun. One step and one golden stone at a time would have brought you home very dry indeed with two urns full torepparttar 101973 brim.**

And so it is for us all. Know what you want and you just might get it otherwise you are doomed to get what you worry about - that which you do not want.

The best communicators andrepparttar 101974 most persuasive presenters know exactly what they want to say and how they want to impact their audience.

If they want you to laugh they tell a good joke, if they want you to listen up they might speak more softly or even pause and use silence to capture your attention. And if they want to feel relaxed and confident for a big event they prepare diligently in advance ofrepparttar 101975 big day.

Be highly specific about your intentions and you will findrepparttar 101976 steps to take you where you want to go. Your steps to success are out there - go find your gold.

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