Two and Four Stroke Engines: Fast and Simple Answers

Written by Daniel Levy

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Cycle - Four Strokes:

1.- Intake 2.- Compression 3.- Combustion 4.- Exhaust

Take a look atrepparttar cycle in:

Advantages of four stroke engines:

• Last longer than two stroke engines • More efficient use of gas • Pollute less than two stroke engines


• More complicated. Many more parts to worry about. • Half as powerful as two stroke engines (for equivalent engines) • Fires once every two revolutions.

If you want to learn more about two stroke and four stroke engines, take a look atrepparttar 102789 pages I mention above. You will find extensive information and diagrams that will solve all of your doubts.

Well I hope this gave you some basic information and helped you answer some FAQ about two and four stroke engines! :-)

Enjoyrepparttar 102790 ride!

Daniel Levy

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How To Escape a Speeding Ticket By Getting Away With A Warning

Written by BeatingTheTicket.Com

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Most people get pretty nervous when they got stopped by an officer. The secret is to stay calm, speak torepparttar officer in respectable tone and politely ask whetherrepparttar 102788 officer can let you go with a warning.

The first questionrepparttar 102789 officer will probably ask is whether you know why you have been stopped. You basically have 3 things to say:

1) Admit that you were speeding. The good side is that you are being honest andrepparttar 102790 officer appreciates it. You may have a chance thatrepparttar 102791 officer will let you go with a warning.

The bad side is that if you get assigned a ticket and you had admitted that you were indeed speeding then it will be used against you at court. Officers usually take notes on what you say. So if you feel that you will get assigned a speeding ticket then you really shouldn't directly admit that you were speeding.

2) Deny that you were speeding. This approach usually creates tension between you andrepparttar 102792 police officer. If you don't have a reasonable argument to convincerepparttar 102793 officer that you weren't speeding then you will get assigned a ticket.

The good side for this approach is that you will have more chance to beating your speeding ticket at court, since you didn't admit that you were speeding.

3) Don't admit that you were speeding but neither deny it. This approach may actually berepparttar 102794 best one. Whenrepparttar 102795 officer says that you were stopped for speeding you can say: "Oh, I see…" and then you can, in a respectful voice, give an excuse to an officer that you didn't notice your speed bar or was too tired after work or any other excuse that doesn't sound right downright lies.

You can learn a lot more of effective tactics to on how to persuade a police officer to let you go with a warning and successfully beatrepparttar 102796 speeding ticket at court from: offers advice on how to successfully beat speeding tickets. If you have been caught speeding, assigned a ticket or just want to make sure you do not get one then visit and find all the information you need on how to beat speeding tickets.

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