Two Party Madness

Written by Ed Howes

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We hire someone to watch over me - and you. Then we say; who is watchingrepparttar watchers? Why,repparttar 126004 watchers are watching one another. What a fine job they do! How rich and powerful they become! How can we better serve them? Whoa! I'm free! Allrepparttar 126005 powerful tell me so. They serve me, at least until they demand I serve them in national service, war mongering, public support or any of their many created functions. That is, we elect conditional servants who can turnrepparttar 126006 tables of service whenever they so choose. What is a military draft except a demand of servants that sovereigns render them a paid service? I am conditionally free - when my services are not demanded. No matterrepparttar 126007 latest music, we are all dancingrepparttar 126008 two party tango and service to someone is a given.

If elections are accurately compared to horse races, it is clearrepparttar 126009 overwhelming majority wage makers always bet on one of two favorites. They see no additional profit should a long shot winrepparttar 126010 race. In fact,repparttar 126011 winning long shot will be handicapped by minority status in a three party system, which is not to sayrepparttar 126012 long shot will not influence political discussion. In fact,repparttar 126013 more successful third parties become,repparttar 126014 morerepparttar 126015 dominant two will incorporate their ideas to gain votes. Let us not concern ourselves withrepparttar 126016 improbability of third party power inrepparttar 126017 two party dance. Let us simply add their influence and see if they can at least changerepparttar 126018 tune to which we dance.

If all third parties are also evil, would it not be a pleasant change to have at least three favorites in a race? Would it not be an improvement to be able to selectrepparttar 126019 least of three evils instead ofrepparttar 126020 lesser of two? Our political racing forms essentially printrepparttar 126021 names ofrepparttar 126022 two favorites atrepparttar 126023 top ofrepparttar 126024 form, in bold print. The long shots are then listed below in small print and many good horses are not allowed inrepparttar 126025 event, to prevent voter confusion.

Whenrepparttar 126026 rare informed voters have studied third party politics, they can see whatrepparttar 126027 favorites do not want discussed and probably why. They can publicly ask questions of candidates that demonstrate how blind ambition can be, to all who hearrepparttar 126028 answers to such questions. Third parties should at least inform national and local political debate until they can transformrepparttar 126029 debate. Without third party politics,repparttar 126030 most meaningful questions are not asked. Evil takes priority, then supremacy, with only a fifty-fifty chance thatrepparttar 126031 winner isrepparttar 126032 lesser of two evils. Many argue this happened inrepparttar 126033 2000 Presidential race. The greater evil prevailed.

Inrepparttar 126034 Twentieth Century, America's tolerance for evil was stretched by generational wars. That tolerance transformed into an appetite for evil. Untilrepparttar 126035 nation gains control of this appetite, more and more of us will be sitting outrepparttar 126036 two party dance and evil will reign supreme.

Freelance writer published on many websites and in newspapers.

We are Going to Live on Mars

Written by Arthur Zulu

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First, you would be photographed and finger printed. Then you would be required to pass through a machine that would search even your inside for weapon possession. And then psychiatrists would have to examine your brain for mental fitness. Meanwhile,repparttar Interpol is double checking your past for any hint of crime record.

If you pass all of these, you would then go torepparttar 126003 moon for space travel orientation and survival drills. The course is rigorous because it includes how to survival on zero gravity, survival without oxygen, and how to survive below freezing point. If you pass that, then you have to think of how to pay your ticket fee to Mars. Becauserepparttar 126004 amount is equalrepparttar 126005 annual budget of poor nations. And because we are not going to turn to spirits and fly to Mars.

Since Mars is a very cold place, departure torepparttar 126006 planet will be in this order. Those who live inrepparttar 126007 polar regions--repparttar 126008 coldest spots on earth -- will go first. In that case, Greenlanders and Netherlanders inrepparttar 126009 north, andrepparttar 126010 Australians and New Zealanders down under, would make uprepparttar 126011 first settlement in Mars. ‘Lucky' folks. The Europeans and Americans would follow. Of courserepparttar 126012 Africans who are sun friendly, would bringrepparttar 126013 rear.

Whenrepparttar 126014 good people would have been ‘spirited' to Mars, a rocket would be sent back to earth with fire to burnrepparttar 126015 terrorists,repparttar 126016 murderers,repparttar 126017 robbers, andrepparttar 126018 religious fanatics. (Since they are not with us, they are against us)

Up there in Mars, there would be no terrorist, because no one is allowed to carry guns. Exceptrepparttar 126019 governors of Mars who maderepparttar 126020 Martian dream a reality. And in an atmosphere of peace, we recline onrepparttar 126021 red planet and drink our red wines -- made in Mars of course.

Many years after,repparttar 126022 story would be told to our grand-children of how a certain earth was destroyed. And they would look down from Mars and pity former planet earth. But I fear that after our generation is gone, some terrorists would spring up from Mars and our grandchildren would destroyrepparttar 126023 planet and head for Jupiter and pass onrepparttar 126024 story to their grandchildren.

Now letrepparttar 126025 journey begin.

ARTHUR ZULU an editor and book reviewer, isrepparttar 126026 author ofrepparttar 126027 controversial book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that revealsrepparttar 126028 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126029 world on fire!) For a copy ofrepparttar 126030 book and FREE excerpt, goto: For contacts, mailto:

ARTHUR ZULU an editor and book reviewer, is the author of the controversial book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that reveals the terrorists' master plan to finally set the world on fire!) For a copy of the book and FREE excerpt, goto: For contacts, mailto:

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