Two New Advertising Options

Written by Dan Grossman

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You can read more aboutrepparttar Google AdWords program or sign up at offersrepparttar 101207 "Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network," where you can have your text ad seen alongside search engine results on participating sites including MSN, Searchalot,, SuperCyberSearch, and Direct Hit. To see how it works, try searchingrepparttar 101208 keyword "free" at both and one ofrepparttar 101209 participating sites,

You'll notice, downrepparttar 101210 right-hand column, several text links. These are sponsorship links purchased throughrepparttar 101211 Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network. It works much likerepparttar 101212 Google AdWords program except for pricing. At Google, you pay based onrepparttar 101213 popularity of your ad, based onrepparttar 101214 number of click throughs. The advertiser on any one keyword withrepparttar 101215 highest click-through ratio getsrepparttar 101216 highest spot, and therefore paysrepparttar 101217 most. Withrepparttar 101218 Jeeves program, you bid onrepparttar 101219 space, much like The difference is you're bidding on CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, not per click. Bidding starts at only half a cent per click or $5CPM.

Another benefit ofrepparttar 101220 Jeeves program is that your ad is not as limited in size asrepparttar 101221 AdWords program. You get up to 40 characters for your title and 150 characters for your description. Google limits your ads there to a 25 character headline and two 35 character lines for a description.

You can learn more aboutrepparttar 101222 Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network or sign up at

Whether you choose to try AdWords,repparttar 101223 Jeeves Text, or both, these are powerful new ways to invest your advertising dollars for low-cost, targeted traffic to your website. With rising bids at paid-placement search engines, these may easily become more reasonable ways to drive new traffic to your website.

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Improve Your Ad. Here's How.

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

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Get attention by targeting your best audience. Then use a headline to shout out a problem or solution your target audience will immediately identify with.

3. Make your ad skim-friendly. Only a small percentage of us start atrepparttar beginning of an ad and read every word torepparttar 101206 end. We just don't haverepparttar 101207 time or interest (remember those thousands of ad messages we face each day?).

Most of us skim through an ad. Ifrepparttar 101208 ad is more than a couple of sentences, we will skip it if it doesn't look like copy we can skim.

Put your most important phrases in bold. Ron likes to boldrepparttar 101209 key elements ofrepparttar 101210 offer. Kevin insists that he can getrepparttar 101211 jist ofrepparttar 101212 offer simply by reading Ron's bold phrases.

Your ad should be easy to read FAST. Keep sentences short. Use simple everyday words. Make your paragraphs no longer than three lines. Try to limit yourself to one idea per sentence.

4. If your ad will appear in print or on TV, use a picture, graphic, or image to enhance your message. The image should help tellrepparttar 101213 story.

Almost all advertising paints a vision ofrepparttar 101214 customer in dire trouble. Then, when she buysrepparttar 101215 product, she is delivered intorepparttar 101216 promised land of a better, easier, more enjoyable life. Depending on your ad, you may be able to use images to illustrate this important story line that works with any audience.

5. Your ad must show people how to buy. Include as many ways to contact you as you can. When we send an article to publications, we hear from a lot of readers when we include our web site address. We hear from even more if we include our email address atrepparttar 101217 end. Put those plus our phone number and regular mailing address atrepparttar 101218 end and reader response goes from a trickle to a flood.

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