Two Leadership Traps: How To Avoid Them. How To Get Out Of them (Part 2)

Written by Brent Filson

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You may think I'm putting too fine a point on these changes; and to a degree, you'd be right. Making simply one change may not be important; but when you multiplerepparttar changes many times duringrepparttar 142540 day, day in and day out, month in and month out, their aggregate can add up to tremendous change indeed. In fact, it can add up to job and career transformation.

So,repparttar 142541 next time you are tempted to say, "I need ... ", don't. Instead, say, "Do you need? ..." or "What do you need? ... " Over time, you'll forge great changes in how people relate to you and your leadership, changes that will lead to substantial increases in results.

However, watch out: In getting out ofrepparttar 142542 "I need ..." trap, you may find yourself in another trap. Asking "What do you need? ..." might play right into their hands of people who don't' trust you or want to sabotage your leadership or use you to further their own ends. Such people want to lead you down their private rabbit hole. They want to get you exploring things that have nothing to do with your gettingrepparttar 142543 results you need and everything to do with satisfyingrepparttar 142544 needs of their ego or whatever agenda they have. "Don't you think you need? ... " could be their ticket to ride. Before you askrepparttar 142545 question, be aware ofrepparttar 142546 ride and how to get off.

THE SECOND TRAP. The "You do ... " trap. Most leaders miss a great opportunity that presents itself to them daily. Since leadership is all about having people take action that gets results, it's important to understandrepparttar 142547 kind of action people should take to getrepparttar 142548 best results. You can ensure it isrepparttar 142549 best kind of action by challenging people not simply to do a job but to take leadership of that job. After all, there's a big difference between people doing and leading; and when you are constantly saying, "You do ... " you are missing out on getting a lot more results.

Now that you know how to avoid two leadership traps, you'll find that your career will be boosted in many marvelous ways.

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Written by Regina Stevens

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Also, if you ask them, they will provide links for you to submit articles and provide you with emails to contact their staff members. I have spoken with some ofrepparttar staff members and all of them are a wealth of information - they are very helpful.

Looking for a job is tiring, but if you find various places to submit your resume, you will be surprised withrepparttar 142539 results. Don't rely solely on one method to find job leads because there are so many avenues to walk to find your ideal job.

Regina Stevens is the owner of KISW ( and Information Technology Job Seekers - Atlanta ( Visit her websites for contact information.

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