Two-Tier Affiliate programs are best

Written by John Lynch

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What happens if you set up a two-tier program? Rather than trying to keep your commission pay outs small, you motivate your existing affiliates to recruit other people to your program. This will exponentially increase your affiliate sales. Would it not be worth payingrepparttar referring affiliate a percentage of their sub-affiliates’ sales?

Now when Mr.Average joins your affiliate program this is what would happen. When he has saturated his market with your product,he would now promote your affiliate program to his customers and ezine subscribers. Many of Mr.Average’s customers and subscribers decide to joinrepparttar 102572 affiliate program. This in turn will motivate Mr.Average to continue promoting your products and recruiting affiliates.

Now what isrepparttar 102573 situation? *Your income increases because of increased sales. *You have a much larger customer base to which you can sell ‘backend’ products. *An increase in your income because ofrepparttar 102574 life time loyalty ofrepparttar 102575 customers referred by your affiliate. *An army of sub-affiliates who will sell your products, and in turn promote your affiliate program to their customers and subscribers.

The little extra in affiliate sales commission pay outs will be more than compensated for byrepparttar 102576 exponential sales increase. This is whyrepparttar 102577 two-tier affiliate program is a guaranteed winner and should berepparttar 102578 automatic choice for potential affiliates and affiliate program managers.

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Make sure Affiliate Programs Credit you for every Sale

Written by John Lynch

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Many affiliate programs use software that only tracks about 80% of your sales. It has to be said that many ofrepparttar popular affiliate companies are guilty of this. So beware big names! Some companies use tracking software that only pays ifrepparttar 102571 customer visits your link and buys straight away. Ifrepparttar 102572 visitor returns to your site an hour later… a day later… week later…and buys, you will not be credited forrepparttar 102573 sale. Good ‘cookie tracking’ software ensures that this never happens.

So, before you join any affiliate scheme make sure to ask aboutrepparttar 102574 kind of tracking software they use. It could save you a small fortune inrepparttar 102575 long term.

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