Twenty-three Percent of African Americans Live in Poverty

Written by Drahcir Semaj

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Some encouraging news did come fromrepparttar Commerce Department's report.

About fifty-two percent of African American married couples had an income of at least $50,000, twenty-seven percent had incomes of $75,000 or more, and according to a report byrepparttar 132451 Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 259, 000 African American households had incomes above $100,000.

African Americans currently make up almost thirteen percent ofrepparttar 132452 US population and over ten percent ofrepparttar 132453 workforce.

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China: Challenges and Commitment

Written by Stephen Sullivan

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Certainly her rhetoric is there and sometimes we must state our goals before they can be realised. There is a time delay between when we say “we are going to” andrepparttar time we can say “we have done”

I think we must accept that China does truly wish to evolve. Students of International Politics and followers of Machiavellian theories can and will offer arguments torepparttar 132448 contrary, of that I am certain. As wise people we must listen to their arguments. It is certainly not unknown in history that nation states can say one thing and mean another, something Neville Chamberlain learnt to his eternal chagrin..

But if we work onrepparttar 132449 premise that this is a true and genuine intention on behalf ofrepparttar 132450 P.R.C. then we must act differently. We must giverepparttar 132451 benefit ofrepparttar 132452 doubt.

But like a New Years Resolution we sometimes need a little egging on or, even, not so gentle reminders as to our flagging resolve or lack of urgency.

Despite our being able to emphasise with China’s unique problems we must still maintainrepparttar 132453 pressure on China over human rights violations and remind her, as a friend would, of her resolutions and pronouncements.

Yes! China we understand your difficulties, we emphasise withrepparttar 132454 challenges you face andrepparttar 132455 difficulty ofrepparttar 132456 job at hand. We realise thatrepparttar 132457 Titanic can not be turned on a sixpence, that in many echelons below your Politburo there are people very set in their ways.

But China, you must sometimes give before you receive. You must be seen to be at least trying and unfortunately, inrepparttar 132458 area of Human Rights, you are still not seen to be.

We want to welcome you into our bosom but you can not expect to be received as an equal when you maintain your programmes of oppression, victimisation and worse againstrepparttar 132459 likes ofrepparttar 132460 Uygurs andrepparttar 132461 Tibetans.

China, how can you expect us to shake your hand as a friend when it continues to be sullied withrepparttar 132462 blood of your peoples?

Author isrepparttar 132463 publisher of

Author of The Uygur Letter

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