Tuscan Style Decorating Ideas

Written by Jill Kane

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If you’re redoing your walls, a simple way of getting that time-burnished stucco look is to use Venetian plaster, which is simply drywall compound mixed with latex paint. First, paintrepparttar walls a Tuscany color such as gold, cream or even a terra cotta red. Then spreadrepparttar 118022 plaster overrepparttar 118023 wall in varying thicknesses – let some ofrepparttar 118024 painted wall show through. Then, you can seal it with a latex sealer if you wish. Or, you may want to check out wallpapers that imitate this look.

Keep in mind,repparttar 118025 whole idea is to create a warm, comfortable “lived in” look and you’ll get it using these ideas and some of your own.

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Spring Chores at the Cabin

Written by Elly Kendall

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Something I always do as part of my spring cleaning is bug control. Our local feed store sells a battery operated fly spray dispenser. Every spring and fall I change batteries and replacerepparttar canister as needed. We still have open range in parts of Arizona and whenrepparttar 118021 cattle come in they bring flies right along with them. I have foundrepparttar 118022 fly spray dispenser helps a great deal and it has a fresh scent as well. I have one by my front door and one byrepparttar 118023 back door which helps keep them out of my cabin. Spraying pest spray inside and out is a must. Hire a pest control company or do it yourself but do spray.

A very important part of my spring chores is outside! All dry material is hauled torepparttar 118024 dump. Keeping weeds, leaves, pine needles and grasses under control is very important to help keep your cabin safer against forest fires and helps keep snakes and small varmints away fromrepparttar 118025 cabin too. We also keep trees away fromrepparttar 118026 cabin forrepparttar 118027 same reason. This is also a good time to check allrepparttar 118028 fire extinguishers and have them recharged if necessary. Make sure your garden hose is in good shape and attached torepparttar 118029 outside spigot. Yes, I am forest fire paranoid! I have a log home with all wood heat inrepparttar 118030 middle ofrepparttar 118031 forest; fire safety is always on my mind.

My husband doesn't get out of spring chores either. Tuning uprepparttar 118032 chain saw, boat and quads are on his list as well as outside furniture cleaning andrepparttar 118033 grill but I keep finding him admiring his fishing poles. "Don't let spring fever sidetrack your chores, getrepparttar 118034 work out ofrepparttar 118035 way!" As I throw out my dusting cloth and bait up my hook ready for friends and family to enjoy spring at our cabin.

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