Turning Demographics Into Gold

Written by Joanne Fritz

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Another great source arerepparttar news release distribution services. You can sign up to receive their news releases by email. Common ones are Internet Wire (http://www.internetwire.com), Internet News Bureau (http://www.newsbureau.com), and PR Web (http://www.prweb.com).

In addition, there are search tools you can use to make your data collection easier. Copernicus (http://www.copernic.com/desktop/index.html) is search software that is downloaded to your computer. It will search most search engines for keywords and phrases. You can get a free trial version to see how it works. Tracerlock (http://www.tracerlock.com) is a web-based service that searches most ofrepparttar 133608 news portals onrepparttar 133609 web and then alerts you by email when it finds your keywords. I have found this very useful and gladly pay its monthly fee. Spyonit (http://www.spyonit.com) is a free service that will spy on specific URLs or keywords and phrases. It delivers what it finds to you by email.

Don't overlookrepparttar 133610 magazines and journals that are specific to your audience. Forrepparttar 133611 older audience, I keep an eye onrepparttar 133612 AARP magazines, Readers Digest, Aging Today, and several others. Even a regular perusal ofrepparttar 133613 daily newspaper will yield lots of information. USA Today is a great source of quick, easy-to- understand statistical data. Take a look atrepparttar 133614 NYTimes online, and sign up for The Wall Street Journal's online version.

By casting your information "net" in this way, you are more likely to come across data that will help you devise better marketing strategies. In addition, you will find a lot of content for your website and ezine.

Now, if I could just figure out how to userepparttar 133615 fact thatrepparttar 133616 older market is an up and coming group for pet supplies (it's true!).

Joanne Fritz, Ph.D. owns American Dream Publishing. She specializes in the mature market with three websites: http://www.notyetretired.com http://www.second50years.com http://www.ebiz-for-seniors.com

7 Free Statistics Trackers for Your Website

Written by Michael Low

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In this brief article, I'll spotlight some free site statistics trackers that webmasters may consider using.

1. Extreme Tracker URL: http://www.extreme-dm.com Cost: Free Stats: Comprehensive reports Ads: Visible 41x38 image

2. Site Meter URL: http://www.sitemeter.com Cost: Free Stats: Comprehensive reports Ads: Visible 20x20 or 88x32 image

3. WebStat URL: http://www.webstat.com Cost: Free Stats: Comprehensive reports Ads: Visible 88x31 image

4. HitBox Personal URL: http://www.hitboxcentral.com Cost: Free Stats: Comprehensive reports Ads: Visible 468x60 or 125x125 ads

5. StatCounter URL: http://www.statcounter.com Cost: Free Stats: Comprehensive reports Ads: None - Invisible counter

6. ShowStat URL: http://www.showstat.com Cost: Free Stats: Comprehensive reports Ads: Visible 120x32 image

7. AddFreeStats URL: http://www.addfreestats.com Cost: Free Stats: Comprehensive reports Ads: Visible 88x31 image

Michael Low is the Chief Editor for http://www.HostAZ.com - the definitive A-Z guide to cheap web hosting. Visit his website at http://www.HostAZ.com for this month's top recommended cheap web hosting plans. Sign up for his highly-acclaimed SitePub newsletter at http://www.SitePub.com

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