Turn Your eBay Experience Into Even More Profit

Written by Mark Kenny

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As eBay itself says "Want to sell your stuff on eBay but don't haverepparttar time? Let a Trading Assistant do it for you? Trading Assistants are experienced eBay Sellers who will sell your items on eBay for a fee."

eBay has just four requirements in order to register as an official trading assistant. These are:

- You've sold four items withinrepparttar 143792 last 30 days - Feedback above 50 - 97% of your feedback should be positive - eBay account in good standing

Looking atrepparttar 143793 list it's not to hard to register as a trading assistant. As long as eBay have your billing method on file and you pay your fees on time, allrepparttar 143794 other requirements are easily obtainable.

Inrepparttar 143795 US, there are hundreds of eBay Trading Assistant Drop off stores. These are stores where you drop off your item and they sell them on eBay for you typically charging up to 33% ofrepparttar 143796 item value. Some even charge up to 50% ofrepparttar 143797 value. Inrepparttar 143798 UK there are just two drop off stores that are instantly findable. There may be others available but I couldn't find them doing a quick search. I truly believe that inrepparttar 143799 UK these stores will start to open up and expand overrepparttar 143800 next few years. Now'srepparttar 143801 time to get involved so register as a Trading Assistant today and start using eBay to its maximum potential.

Mark Kenny is an online entrepreneur who specialises in developing turnkey websites including a new eBay Trading Assistants website. You can see this at: http://www.Trading-Web-Solutions.com

eBay is the Greatest Opportunity YOU Have to Create a Career Online

Written by Mark Kenny

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Targeted Traffic

eBay lets users take away allrepparttar hard work by allowing customers to search for you. Normally online it'srepparttar 143791 other way around with you advertising your product, building links to your website, starting joint ventures, etc just to getrepparttar 143792 correct type of visitors to your site. I could go on but you hopefully you getrepparttar 143793 idea.

Getting visitors to your own website to purchase items isn't easy. It can also be costly & timely if your new to net marketing. But by selling on eBay you can forget about it all because users actually search for you. They simply type what their looking for and up springs a list of results including your item.

User friendly

eBay is easy to use and guides you thoughrepparttar 143794 selling process. With help at every point, it's hard to go wrong. And if you do it's easy to correct it your mistake. With communities and forums acrossrepparttar 143795 net, you don't have to look hard to find someone to help you. Plus there are hundreds of eBooks written onrepparttar 143796 subject.

So now you know why I rate eBay so highly. Start selling today and makerepparttar 143797 most of your experience online.

Mark Kenny develops niche and profitable turnkey websites. You can see a selection of his work, including his new eBay Trading-Assistants website at: http://trading-web-solutions.com

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