Turn Your Old Articles Into Profitable E-mail Courses

Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

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5. Do your articles userepparttar 'you' voice? If not, re-write as if you're telling your friend a story. Do your articles sound formal? Even though you're 'teaching' something, strive to keep it lighthearted. Be engaging and friendly, but never be too flippant or condescending.

6. Include additional resources atrepparttar 125147 end of each module or follow up. These resources could be online references and researches, and even more intensive lessons.

7. Proofread.

8. Insert your promotional texts inrepparttar 125148 beginning, middle or end of each module or follow up. However, don't overdo this. People who will request your e-mail course are going to see through you once they find out that your promotional texts far outweighrepparttar 125149 lessons and valuable instructions in your e-mail course. Put value overrepparttar 125150 content of your e-mail course first and your workshop takers will trust you and believe in your expertise.

9. Put your e-mail course on autoresponder and setrepparttar 125151 time each module or follow up will be sent. You can use free or fee-based autoresponders.

Before you announce your e-mail course, test and re-test it thoroughly. When you're certain everything is fine, go ahead and announce it.

Copyright (c) Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

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Secrets to Using Popup Pages

Written by David McKenzie

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performance. I set up a simple popup on my home page for subscribers to subscribe to my free twice-monthly newsletter for affiliates. The first month my subscriber uptake increased 366%. The second month my subscriber uptake increased a whopping 600%! All because I put a very simple popup on my home page. And it only pops up when people leave my site. But guess what else happened? Since I put uprepparttar popup page I have not received one single complaint. Not one. This doesn’t mean I am going to put dozens of popups all over my site. Onrepparttar 125146 contrary. >From my research, people generally do not seem to mind 1 simple popup page about a quarter to a thirdrepparttar 125147 size of a normal page. It’s whenrepparttar 125148 popups get out of control that people get angry. You have all probably seen those pages where another 3 full pages popup immediately behindrepparttar 125149 site you entered. These types of sites will annoy just about anybody. But one simple popup page offrepparttar 125150 homepage getting subscribers to subscribe to a newsletter has worked like “magic” for me.

David McKenzie of http://www.brisney.com produces a free twice monthly newsletter for affiliates. Sign up by sending an email to mailto:brisney@brisney.com?subject=subscribe and receive the free Special Report “7 Secrets to Making Money With Affiliate Programs.”

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