Turn The Light On and Darkness Flees

Written by Lisa van dne Berg

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She said she’d honestly never thought of it like that. She’d only seen it fromrepparttar point of view that her andrepparttar 123950 kids never got to see him and felt neglected. She told him this and they ended up talking untilrepparttar 123951 small hours ofrepparttar 123952 morning, getting everything off their chests.

Nowrepparttar 123953 four principles that she employed in this situation were:

1-When you turn onrepparttar 123954 light, darkness cannot survive. She responded with love when presented with animosity, andrepparttar 123955 love won.

2-Someone gives you a gift of an emotion (hate, fear, animosity). You haverepparttar 123956 choice of accepting or rejectingrepparttar 123957 emotion. If you choose to reject it, then it remains theirs and doesn’t transfer to you. She chose not to get upset by his remark, but to take control ofrepparttar 123958 situation and point it in repparttar 123959 direction she wanted to go.

3-Why would you ever willingly accept someone else’s negative energy as your own? Never allow anyone to contaminate your energy field with their negative energy. Imagine that you have a field of positive around you and that nothing you don’t want, can get through.

4-Choose to keep yourself plugged into God and Love instead ofrepparttar 123960 material world and fear. Repeatrepparttar 123961 phrase “I can choose Peace instead of this turmoil” Decide to switch from being a victim ofrepparttar 123962 negativity to a master of positivity.

If you keep yourself focused on God then you automatically know Peace. If you concentrate on giving Love, you will have it returned many times and in a multitude of ways.

The greatest gift you can give to your children is to love their Mother/Father.

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Changing Your Mind!

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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Stop and see what it is you are to learn fromrepparttar situation. The difference between a man who loses his job and becomes a couch potato, and a man who goes out and starts his own business withrepparttar 123949 redundancy money, is their responsibility for their attitude to life.

When you consciously take control of what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing, you haverepparttar 123950 key to empowerment.

Instead of looking at a days work as drudgery, look at it as a means to getting one step closer to your goals.

See doingrepparttar 123951 ironing as a blessing rather than a curse. How you may ask? Well, give thanks that you have a roof over your head, clothes to protect you fromrepparttar 123952 cold and are healthy enough to go about you business wearing your ironed clothes (findrepparttar 123953 blessings in your particular circumstances). Suddenlyrepparttar 123954 act of ironing becomes a 'giving thanks' exercise rather than a dreaded chore.

Find a place where you can stand and look up atrepparttar 123955 sky. Notice whatrepparttar 123956 clouds look like, how fast they're moving, what an array of colors there are, listen for birds and feelrepparttar 123957 wind on your face. Marvel atrepparttar 123958 mechanics ofrepparttar 123959 world that go on around you every day - and stop to notice them.

In short. Stop - take notice - and take responsibility forrepparttar 123960 path of YOUR Life!

Lisa van den Berg is the author of ‘Alleviate Stress – 11 Simple and Easy Ways to Transform Your Life!’ Take the free online Stress Test at http://www.Alleviate-Stress.com/web/ar10 to see how much stress you’re under and why you need to do something about it right now!

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