Turn The Clock Back . . .

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

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The search for safe energy has broughtrepparttar search for renewable energy to a standstill. Terrestrial energy sources are dangerous, whether we are talking aboutrepparttar 126057 merely overwhelming, like hydroelectric power, or other flammable, explosive or radioactive sources. Solar power is reasonably safe, but it is weak and unreliable as yet. Chemical sources are dangerous because ofrepparttar 126058 kinetic energy locked up inrepparttar 126059 substances involved. You can't get away from that without changingrepparttar 126060 laws of physics.

Hydrogen isrepparttar 126061 most plentiful element inrepparttar 126062 entire universe. Combined with oxygen, it burns hot and clean and could provide us with energy forrepparttar 126063 life ofrepparttar 126064 human race. It is also dangerous.

Because of our fear, because of our cowardice, we are still dependent on energy sources developed before we became so timid as a society. The largest deposits of those energy sources are located in a part ofrepparttar 126065 world that calls Americarepparttar 126066 "Great Satan." Our president is taking us to war as I write this for control of those resources, an evil and immoral war that cannot possibly have a happy ending for anyone.

If you still believe that we are going to war with Saddam Hussein because of weapons of mass destruction, please tell me why we are not preparing to attack North Korea, which has just admitted to nuclear weapons.

Cowardice carries its own penalties.

America needs to take a collective deep breath and get a grip. Life is hazardous to our health. No one gets out of it alive. No one. Perhaps we could begin by accepting that one simple fact, because it makes everything else so much easier.

Are you tired of ruinous taxes? Are you tired of government regulators with their fingers in every part of your life, fromrepparttar 126067 cradle torepparttar 126068 grave? Are you tired of being forced to pay into a Social Security system that your legislators systematically loot?

Are you tired of paying billions to fight a war against drugs that merely results in your loss of freedom – and makes street drugs more prevalent than ever?

Are you tired of vicious federal agents who manufacture evidence and burn women and children alive in their homes while blatantly violatingrepparttar 126069 Second Amendment ofrepparttar 126070 U.S. Constitution by trying to jail people forrepparttar 126071 heinous crime of owningrepparttar 126072 wrong sort of firearms?

What part of "shall not be infringed" is giving them trouble, anyway?

If you are tired of these things, if you truly want these things to go away, then you are eventually going to have to give uprepparttar 126073 so-called protections of government. You must learn self-sufficiency. You can't work to dismantle an overbearing government with one hand while your other hand is outstretched for what that government will give you.

You can start by purchasing a handgun and learning to use it. It's only a very small part ofrepparttar 126074 process, but it's good for you psychologically to realize that you don't need help defending your life or your property any longer. You hold your head just a little bit higher. A man or a woman who cannot or will not defend immediate family is not worthy ofrepparttar 126075 name "human." Even animals defend their young.

Take some chances! It may sound silly, but a skydiving course is not a bad idea. You will find out that life is fun when you aren't wrapped in cotton. You may find that you like your fellow skydivers better than most ofrepparttar 126076 people you know. Life tastes very sweet when you take big bites. It needn't be skydiving. Try flying an airplane, scuba diving, or rock climbing – but find something you love to do, maybe something just a little bit risky, and do it. It is never too late to learn physical courage.

Learn to hunt! This is terribly difficult and painful for animal lovers like myself, but it is crucially important to any man or woman to know that they can provide their own food. Long range shooting has been an important skill for centuries. Only inrepparttar 126077 last hundred years has it fallen into disrepute. Learning to hunt is more than learning to shoot, though. You must also learn to field dressrepparttar 126078 carcass and preparerepparttar 126079 meat for consumption. These are survival skills that every single one of your ancestors possessed. They would be appalled to learn that you do not.

If you do not want to be treated like a helpless infant by your government,repparttar 126080 first step is to cease to be a helpless infant.

That is onlyrepparttar 126081 beginning, though. It will not be enough.

Government is a cancer. It feeds on itself. Those who possess power over your life will not give it up easily. When they learn that you are trying to free yourself from their grip, their jackbooted thugs will come for you.

They will come for all of us, and for our families.

The day is approaching when each of us will have to decide what we choose to defend with our lives. We must decide if we will accept slavery, or if we are willing, as our ancestors were, to pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to secure our freedom.

The redcoats are coming!

At a tiny 5'1", Kathryn A. Graham is a licensed private investigator, pilot, aircraft mechanic and handgun instructor in Texas. Also a prolific author, she has written numerous articles, short stories and a science fiction novel. http://www.kathrynagraham.com/

Difficult Choices

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

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I may yet do this one day. It would certainly berepparttar easy way out. No more worries, no more struggle. And my conscience would be clear. Or would it? While I live and remain free, I can educate others about firearms and about their constitutional rights. While I live, I can continuerepparttar 126056 fight to restorerepparttar 126057 country I love. Dead – or imprisoned – I am just one more statistic, one more episode of police overreacting to a perceived threat. Byrepparttar 126058 timerepparttar 126059 press gets through with me, I will probably have fired at least three magazines of .45 hollow points atrepparttar 126060 poor young cop. Just forrepparttar 126061 record, ifrepparttar 126062 local police or ATF try that dodge concerning my demise, I ask my readers to remember that I am a better shot than that. Ifrepparttar 126063 officer who shoots me is still walking around and breathing without a respirator after my death, count on one plain and simple fact – I didn’t shoot at him. Period. If there are other police onrepparttar 126064 scene, it’s starting to look like a better bet to check their ballistics. Friendly fire seems to be killing more cops than criminals are killing these days, and that is a sure sign of uncontrolled panic onrepparttar 126065 part of society’s finest. Now I am faced withrepparttar 126066 most awful decision of all. Believing as I believe, it is itself a compromise for me to obtain my concealed handgun license. I should carry as I believe – asking no one’s permission. Or should I? As I stated before, while I am alive and free, I can continuerepparttar 126067 struggle. I do have my concealed handgun license. I scrupulously obeyrepparttar 126068 laws concerning concealed handgun carry in my state. I now have my instructor’s license, too. While taking my instructor training, I was pleasantly astonished to learn that many of my state police believe inrepparttar 126069 Second Amendment – and quite passionately. They are our friends, not our enemies. I will teach a class every time I can find enough students for a reasonable class. I will give discounts and even free classes to those with a sincere desire for this license, but who are strapped for cash. And in every single class I teach, I will encouragerepparttar 126070 exemplary students to obtain their instructor’s licenses, too – and passrepparttar 126071 work on. Dorepparttar 126072 math! If I can do this or any reasonable portion thereof, it won’t be many years before half of my state will be “packing iron” – and at least that half will have lostrepparttar 126073 infantile terror of firearms that seems to go along with those who want to disarm us. While I remain alive and free, I can spreadrepparttar 126074 word and teachrepparttar 126075 principles of true freedom to anyone withrepparttar 126076 slightest inclination to listen. I can volunteer time and my personal assets to help elect true Libertarians to office (believers in Libertarian philosophy – not necessarily party members) – and removerepparttar 126077 statist criminals from their positions of power and privilege. What helps more to advance our cause? Becoming an obscure statistic forgotten almost overnight? Or training a large number of people inrepparttar 126078 safe and effective use of firearms and applying every ounce of determination, intelligence and courage that I have to political campaigns that advance our cause? Do I believe in no compromise? Absolutely! I argue forrepparttar 126079 repeal of every single gun law ever passed every single time I getrepparttar 126080 slightest chance to bend a legislator’s ear, and I will continue to do so for as long as there is breath in my body. Ifrepparttar 126081 day ever comes thatrepparttar 126082 state attempts to confiscate my firearms, they will find themselves armpit deep in blood. Absolutely no question at all about that! But until that day comes, I have found my answer,repparttar 126083 one I can live with. I obeyrepparttar 126084 illegal laws so that I can remain alive and free to work and to teach. I will sleep tonight.

At a tiny 5'1", Kathryn A. Graham is a licensed private investigator, pilot, aircraft mechanic and handgun instructor in Texas. Also a prolific author, she has written numerous articles, short stories and a science fiction novel. http://www.kathrynagraham.com/

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