Turn Browsers Into Buyers with Effective Web Copy

Written by Renae E. Gregoire

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Tell your potential customers aboutrepparttar benefits of your product or service, NOTrepparttar 131851 features! Likerepparttar 131852 founder of Kodak said, "We don't sell film, we sell memories." If you're selling a ladies hat, don't tell customers aboutrepparttar 131853 wide rim and mesh material. Tell them howrepparttar 131854 wide rim will reduce their chances of skin cancer, and howrepparttar 131855 mesh will keep them cool onrepparttar 131856 hottest day. Benefits sell-not features!

Here's how to findrepparttar 131857 benefits of your products or services. First, list allrepparttar 131858 features on one side of a piece of paper. If you're a web developer, for example,repparttar 131859 features you offer could be customized database design, Internet marketing services, and e-Commerce capable sites. Those aren't benefits. Benefits are what your customers will GET from those services.

Onrepparttar 131860 other side ofrepparttar 131861 paper, list what those features will do for your customer. For instance, what will a customized database design do if your customer uses one? Tell them! Tell them how they can collect registration data and analyze it to make informed business decisions. Tell them how your Internet marketing services will drive targeted customers to their site- and increase their sales. And, tell them how an e-Commerce capable site will increase sales by more than 50 percent because many people with credit cards prefer to pay online.

Other Things To Know

* Use bulleted lists to break up long copy. * It's easy to read, and drawsrepparttar 131862 eye downrepparttar 131863 page. * See?

Try to keep your most important copy onrepparttar 131864 first half ofrepparttar 131865 page. Many browsers won't scroll down, so if you have good stuff that you want them to see atrepparttar 131866 bottom ofrepparttar 131867 page, they may miss it.

Write like you talk, and be conversational. If your web copy sounds like a legal tome or prudish stiff,repparttar 131868 only readers you'll have are legal eagles...and prudish stiffs!

Don't count on your spell checker two catch you're miss steaks. But don't let it rule your copy, either. My spell checker hatesrepparttar 131869 way I write so I ignore it...most ofrepparttar 131870 time. Spell check hates fragments. Like this. And this. But you know what? That's how people talk. And that's one ofrepparttar 131871 keys to creating clear, conversational, and professional web copy that draws your reader in and makes them feel like you're talking directly to them-one on one. It builds confidence. And that, in my opinion, isrepparttar 131872 best way to cinch a sale.

Renae Gregoire is a professional freelance commercial writer and a Do-it-Yourself marketing pro. Do you need clear, concise and conversational copy to make your web site or other marketing materials shine? Enhance your image and increase your profits today by visiting Renae at http://www.ineedcopy.com.

Get Set Ready and Go

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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- How will you time and manage your advertising to maintain a synergistic flow of traffic without aggravating your web host?

- Which advertising mediums you plan on using (ezines, guaranteed visitors, viral techniques, site blasts, articles...)?

3. Get set and ready to push into full gear at a moments notice - Start placingrepparttar orders for your advertising or at least shortlistrepparttar 131849 ad services you plan to use. Remember it will be a busy time for every one, with a rush to meet deadlines, blood pressures surging, tempers flaring... so better get inrepparttar 131850 line up well ahead to avoid any pitfalls.

Also Remember you only need a good sales page, irresistible bait and a strong gushing tributary to direct a heavy flood of potential shoppers fromrepparttar 131851 main stream to your shop.

Just make your shop as magnetic as possible and get as many `tourists` to go through it as you can.

Shahnaz Rauf is The Editor of The Monster Twister– a Newsletter helping ordinary web owners achieve extraordinary heights without losing their shirts. For more information read her article http://www.snzeport.com/dlarticles/freead2.htm

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