Turn Any Hobby Into A Part-time Business

Written by Jay Harris

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Also, start educating yourself by reading and researching other home-based businesses. Before I opened up my business I read national publications like "Small Business Opportunities," "Entrepreneur," "Home Office Computing," and "Spare Time Magazine." Although there were some full page ads in there filled with hype (claiming to make me $1 million dollars with a sheet of paper) -repparttar articles are excellent. Don't spend more than $3 for information inrepparttar 148156 beginning of your business because if a company is legitimate you should be able to call them and discussrepparttar 148157 opportunity overrepparttar 148158 phone with them. Businesses that claim to put you in business overnight should never demand a large amount of money from you. Onrepparttar 148159 contrary - legitimate businesses have nothing to hide and will not charge you more than a few dollars in postage to learnrepparttar 148160 "whole" story behind their claims. Instead, use these publications, as well as books fromrepparttar 148161 library on starting a business, to further your knowledge ofrepparttar 148162 world.

Another good move on your part is to invest a few hours by attending a meeting that is sponsored by SCORE fromrepparttar 148163 Small Business Administration in your area. It's free - andrepparttar 148164 valuable information you obtain from actual people who have been in business before is something that will be extremely valuable inrepparttar 148165 months ahead. Just callrepparttar 148166 SBA to find out more information.

Yes - it's that easy! Of course, this is onlyrepparttar 148167 beginning. As with any hobby, it will take time (probably many months) to realize a profit, but think of it this way: Most people that have a hobby know they have to spend money to take part in their hobby. It only makes sense to invest money in advertising your hobby to others so you can eventually make some of that money back in sales for your own business!

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Tips For Successful Home Show Businesses

Written by Randy Wilson

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And show businesses at home are about selling. So if you don’t likerepparttar thought of selling or already know that you aren’t a salesperson, you’d be happier in a different business. If you’re a born salesperson, though,repparttar 148155 home show business is a great place for you to be.

A home show provides you with a much more intimate environment, and this allows you to establish a rapport with your customers much more quickly than if you’re doing cold calls overrepparttar 148156 phone. This means you’re likely to sell more items. And that means more money!

Now a few other things you want to think about are:

  • Other thanrepparttar 148157 presentation product package is there anything you need to buy?
  • Is your home set up for a home show business?
  • What will you do about accounting services?
  • Do you haverepparttar 148158 contacts you need to get started?
  • How will you getrepparttar 148159 word out about your home show business?
  • What arerepparttar 148160 zoning regulations in your area concerning business?
  • Do you want a partner?
  • Would a course in public speaking help you?
  • How will your home show business affect your family?
  • What sort of tax planning do you need?
  • What sort of backup plan do you need in case you get sick?

Also, a home show business doesn’t have to just be likerepparttar 148161 ones already mentioned. You can also consider doing home based business trade shows. These involve allowing businesses to present their goods and services for people to review and even purchase.

They tend to be a lot more involved and require a great deal of planning. There’s excellent money to be made in home based business trade shows, however, and if you’re detail-oriented and like to plan events, then this is an excellent home show business opportunity for you. Again, though, if you plan to do them in your home, you must knowrepparttar 148162 zoning regulations for your area.

As in starting any business, dorepparttar 148163 necessary research. You also want to write out a business plan that maps out step by step what you need to do to get your home show business going. Follow it, and before you know it, your bank account will be bulging atrepparttar 148164 seams, thanks to all those fat sales’ commission checks!

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