Turn About On Certification

Written by Richard Lowe

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The MCSA certification requires three core exams and one elective. The certification is actually very well designed, and should serve as a useful guide for employers.

Whyrepparttar change? Well, I think there are a number of reasons. The biggest reason? The terrorist attack and it's effect onrepparttar 133594 economy. My peers and I have seen, in just a month, our budgets disappear, especially for things like upgrades and certifications. My boss put it very well to me last week, "if you haverepparttar 133595 choice between upgrading and laying people off, what are you going to do?" The answer is obvious. At my company, we have postponed upgrading until next year at least, which means we do not need to get certified.

Another big reason is that MCSE's have jobs, and I don't know about you, but I have trouble finding time to takerepparttar 133596 classes and tests to continue certification. It's hard enough just to keeprepparttar 133597 wife happy, write some articles, and maintainrepparttar 133598 job. Sorepparttar 133599 certification, testing and learning will wait.

On top of that, Microsoft has been very unsuccessful in trying to forcerepparttar 133600 computer industry to upgrade to Windows 2000 and beyond. Yes, my company did install Windows 2000 on all of our laptops, but we've found Windows NT 4.0 works very well on our other servers and workstations. We have no intention or need to upgrade our hundreds of systems forrepparttar 133601 next several years, unless their is a valid business reason.

Even more importantly, even though we may upgrade our systems to Windows 2000, we have no intention of installing Active Directory anytime soon. Why not? This is a huge change and we simply don't want to support it at this time.

Finally,repparttar 133602 industry backlash on Microsoft has been huge, andrepparttar 133603 power of 400,000+ MCSE's and their supervisors should not be underestimated.

Personally, I am happy that Microsoft has made this change. Now I can concentrate on important issues like polishing our disaster site, upgrading our security measures, ensuring our backups work properly and making our systems work better for our users.

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Microsoft Passport? Good or Bad for the Internet?

Written by Richard Lowe

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What's wrong with this picture? Conceptually, it is actually a good idea. Passports haverepparttar capability to enforce a security standard acrossrepparttar 133593 entire internet, and Microsoft hasrepparttar 133594 muscle and staying power to make it work. Lord knows it will be convenient to be able to log into hundreds of different sites usingrepparttar 133595 same username and password. This sure will make life easier for a lot of people.

Onrepparttar 133596 other hand, as demonstrated byrepparttar 133597 more than 45 security alerts released by Microsoft inrepparttar 133598 first two-thirds of 2001, this company is not well known for it's attention to security. In fact, Microsoft is directly responsible for two ofrepparttar 133599 worst security issues onrepparttar 133600 internet today: Code Red and it's variants, and email worms such as Melissa and SirCam.

Steve Gibson, author ofrepparttar 133601 fabulous website Grc.com, makesrepparttar 133602 following comment:

"With a bit of horror, I learned that Microsoft's developers have no understanding of security."

If that doesn't send a shiver down your spine, I don't know what will. Now, do you really want these people to be in charge ofrepparttar 133603 security of your bank account, medical records and dozens or even hundreds of other records?

So what should you do? Personally, I am concerned about Microsoft's obvious lack of security knowledge, and I do not want to trust them with my personal data. Thus, I will not be using anything "protected" by passport, unless it is absolutely necessary. I just have too many questions and concerns not only about privacy, but aboutrepparttar 133604 safety of my personal information from criminals, terrorists and other evil-doers.

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Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at http://www.internet-tips.net - Visit our website any time to read over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.

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