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Written by Kay

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MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Success- What is the REAL Secret?

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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The moment that MLM is not longer just something that 'you do", but becomes a part of who you are, everything changes.

I call it "The Shift."

You whole world shifts into a Power and Focus that can only be a product ofrepparttar heart. Many people have said that this business is about mindset.

I disagree.

It is about Heart Set. We say that you must haverepparttar 142095 right "Heart Condition."

Is your Heart REALLY connected torepparttar 142096 Success Potentail in MLM? Is it REALLY connected torepparttar 142097 vision of your company? Is it REALLY connected to your products and services?

Those that CONNECT are connecting torepparttar 142098 True Power of Success, and everything shifts after that.

People will start responding to you in a more positive manner.

People will stop being so negative with you, due torepparttar 142099 New Presence you have in MLM.

People will pay closer attention to your words, as they senserepparttar 142100 importance of what you are saying.

People will be magnetized to listen more intently..Yes there is a major Shift in everything with a powerful Heart Connection...It ALL shifts...

Including your paycheck.

The stronger and deeperrepparttar 142101 connection is....the more zeroes are in your paycheck!

CONNECTION- Most never will. But those that do....

Get Rich.

All wealth is a by product of a Strong Heart Connection to something, no matter what is it. You are driven to Succeed. You do what you normally would not be willing to do. You go at a pace that you never have before.

And you find a Passion you never knew existed.

The CONNECTION unleashes that Passion in all you do, and no longer are you willing to settle for mediocrity and average. No longer are you willing to settle....period.

Now you know The Secret.

Do you haverepparttar 142102 right Heart Condition and Connection?

If you do....

Success is at your daily beckoning.

blessings...doug (c) 2005/ all rights reserved PassionFire Intl MLM Leadership

Doug Firebaugh is one of the top Network Marketing trainers in the world today. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and spent 13 years fulltime in MLM. Today he travels the world training and speaking. FREE training ezine at passionFire.com, and FREE daily audios as well.

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