Tulip Care

Written by Linda Paquette

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Growing tulips is easy. Tulips are spring flowering bulbs that should be planted in late autumn. Tulip bulbs are an excellent nutrient storage system that need little care besides water. Tulips prefer a bed of sandy, slightly alkaline soil with at least four hours of sunlight per day, but not direct sun. Today there are over 100 species of growing tulips and many hundreds of hybrids, primarily due torepparttar extensive breeding programs and tulip care that began inrepparttar 137817 late sixteenth century.

Planting tulips is as simple as growing tulips. Bulbs should be spaced depending onrepparttar 137818 effect you want to create. The only rule is that they shouldn’t be close enough to touch each other. Planting depth is also easy to calculate. As a rule of thumb, plant tulip bulbs at a depth of two to three timesrepparttar 137819 height ofrepparttar 137820 bulb. The most difficult part of planting tulips is remembering to put them root side down and pointed side up!

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Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Written by Linda Paquette

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Start with a soil test before you fertilize. Knowingrepparttar present condition of your soil helps you develop a solid organic lawn fertilizer plan that addresses your soil’s long term needs by providing a balance of needed nutrients with organic lawn fertilizer and soil amendments.

A good organic lawn fertilizer of fine ground compost allowsrepparttar 137816 particles to fall betweenrepparttar 137817 blades of grass and reachrepparttar 137818 crowns or stolons of your grass and its roots. Apply sifted compost with a drop spreader and to an established lawn as a tonic. Top dressing with compost both improvesrepparttar 137819 soil and nourishes your turf.

Remember, a truly healthy lawn takes time to develop. Grass that is growing well doesn’t need fertilizer. Fertilize to supply missing nutrients torepparttar 137820 soil using a slow-release or water in-soluble organic lawn fertilizer that releases nutrients atrepparttar 137821 rate your turf needs them. When looking for a specific type or brand of organic lawn fertilizer, a good place to check isrepparttar 137822 extensive list maintained by attra,(http://attra.org/attra-pub/orgfert.html.)

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