Tucson’s NextWest, Inc. Announces Partnership with DialResults, Inc

Written by Richard Robert Logan

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DialResults provides multi media predictive dialing software and call center CTI solutions to any type of contact center.“Without question, this product is going to make our customers ultra-competitive in their respective channels,” Robbins said.

About DialResults, Inc.

Dial Results and Data Management Services (DMS) is a division of a privately held corporation, Data Technologies Corporation, founded in 1979, and headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. Currently providing software and database support to clients throughoutrepparttar Southwest.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand business processes from concept to reality. Our developers have 100-combined years of hands-on application development. These technical capabilities qualify our claim to be able to quickly analyze and thoroughly implement business applications for our clients.

About NextWest, Inc.

Founded in 1996 and based in Tucson, Arizona, NextWest, Inc., is a privately held company. NextWest, Inc. is a leading provider of “Smart Business” solutions, web-based software applications and database design, network infrastructure, integrated telephony hardware and software solutions, and innovative online and offline marketing programs. NextWest, Inc. conducts business inrepparttar 124147 US and more than 20 countries worldwide.

NextWest’s PCXi and NextContact Call Center Solution took “Best of Show” atrepparttar 124148 Long Beach, California Internet Telephony Conference and Expo in October of 2003. For more information please call Richard Logan toll free @ 1-888-839-3613 ext. 4581 or go to http://www.dialresults.com

I have over 15 years in the call center industry. I ran large call center as a telemarketing manager and have sold predictive dialers everything from UNIX to the new VoIP MSSQL Multi Media convergence solutions

Flotsam and Jetsom

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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Sitting down in your Sunday morning chair withrepparttar hot urn of coffee within easy reach,repparttar 124146 first section is opened up. “The Royal Family….”. You throw that one away along withrepparttar 124147 travel section, which is now advising people where NOT to go, rather than taking you merrily to possible destinations. The business pages (used to be your favorite) are now telling you thatrepparttar 124148 world is onrepparttar 124149 verge of a ‘non-returnable’ recession and that your stocks and shares are not worthrepparttar 124150 paper that they are written on. It also suggests that you should be out of a job withinrepparttar 124151 next two weeks.

The headlines are all about war and gloom, impending and current wars and any wars that any warrior can dream up! The sports ‘branch’ gives us yet another “objector”: those sportsmen and woman that insist endlessly that they have not taken performance enhancing drugs whilst jumping aroundrepparttar 124152 cameras like monkeys. And due to political differences some country or other is no longer attendingrepparttar 124153 Olympic Games and that spectators, at those games should check under their seats for bombs before sitting down. The Olympics Security Team cannot do this task, as most of them have been called up intorepparttar 124154 army reserves or are just not interested due to having not been paid for three months.

Readingrepparttar 124155 International News you suddenly realize thatrepparttar 124156 Japanese Car that you possess and that you had to get a loan out to purchase will now cost you an arm and a leg to repair –repparttar 124157 company that made it has gone bust! The holiday that you had booked inrepparttar 124158 Caribbean will no longer berepparttar 124159 fun that you thought it would be asrepparttar 124160 Island has just gone through a coup andrepparttar 124161 new Military Junta says that they don’t like you! You also find out thatrepparttar 124162 company that you work for has decided to move all of its operations to a ‘cheaper’ country, and that they will be laying off staff like it is going out of fashion – somehow they have forgotten to tellrepparttar 124163 Human Resources Manager ofrepparttar 124164 situation (which was probably you byrepparttar 124165 way).

Nothing much to make your Sunday anything special now is there! The crossword doesn’t prove much help as most ofrepparttar 124166 words are “new” words, terms and expressions born fromrepparttar 124167 modern computer age and are not found in any dictionary. The Obituaries ‘leaf’ provides no alternative reading and make you even more depressed than before as you realize that modern medicine was notrepparttar 124168 answer after all. The ‘singles’ start off interesting till you realize thatrepparttar 124169 advertiser in question is seriously sick at heart and wants to re-enactrepparttar 124170 Gulf War with you rather than meeting for a nice dinner.

No there is nothing there to read anymore, with all that is good news is old news.

Did you read last Sunday’s article about how brushing your teeth can help to keep them from rotting happily away and causing you agony? Oh and that article where it told you to look both ways when crossingrepparttar 124171 road was very informative and useful! This supposedly helps you to not get run over by a large truck!

Ieuan Dolby is the Author and Webmaster of Seamania . As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

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