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Written by Gary Whittaker

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What can you do? Simple. If you haven't donated yet, and are afraid of getting scammed, go directly torepparttar relief organisation. Do not give money to people that call you, or that you see inrepparttar 110083 street. To find a more extensive list, check http://www.google.com/tsunami_relief.html But that along is not enough. Ifrepparttar 110084 United Nations cannot properly managerepparttar 110085 assistance, write to your government and have them follow Canada's lead. Get them to work on another DART type team or program. What happened in Southeast Asia can happen to you, either around your home, or while you are on vacation. Do you want to know that people have sent provisions that cannot get to you,but there was something they could do about it?

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Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Mudslides: Extreme Events - What do they Mean?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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In a more comprehensive Article from Progress in Physical Geography, Sudden Climate Transitions duringrepparttar Quaternary, Scientists found thatrepparttar 110082 `...time span ofrepparttar 110083 past few million years has been punctuated by many rapid climate transitions, most of them on time scales of centuries to decades or even less...' and `...Judging by its past behavior under both glacial and interglacial conditions, climate has a tendency to remain quite stable for most ofrepparttar 110084 time and then suddenly `flip'; at least sometimes over just a few decades, due torepparttar 110085 influence ofrepparttar 110086 various triggering and feedback mechanisms..."

This, in relation to magnetic pole shifts would inevitably and theoretically explain dramatic climate transitions. Since 1990, surface waters in tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean regions became markedly saltier, while atrepparttar 110087 same time, much ofrepparttar 110088 water column inrepparttar 110089 high altitudes ofrepparttar 110090 North and South Atlantic Oceans became fresher. See Report: New Study Reports Large-scale Salinity Changes inrepparttar 110091 Oceans

My own theory is as such: Seismological Events = Polar Shifts = Climatic Changes = Global Warming = Sea Level Rise = Continued Seismological Events = etc., etc., etc. In other words, seismological events brought on by nature or manmade contraptions, isrepparttar 110092 beginning of a vicious cycle.

To further fuelrepparttar 110093 debate of greenhouse effects directly attributed by sea level rise, `Glacial Melt Alarms Scientists,' as reported by Terry Rombeck of Journal-World, Prasad Gogineni (Kansas Univ. Researcher) stated, "...I don't think sea-level rise is an immediate concern. You're talking aboutrepparttar 110094 long term, 50 or 100 years. Butrepparttar 110095 assumptions we've made are based on gradual increases over 100 years. What we're seeing are dramatic increases."

Overall,repparttar 110096 Earth, as we know it is inconceivably changing before our eyes. It is still not too late to make our own transitions in how we proceed with this newfound knowledge. The key to scientific research and global climatic/geological phenomena is that we, as human beings, haverepparttar 110097 inevitable power to implement strategic changes that can ultimately reverse or at least slowrepparttar 110098 effects of our own ability to inhabit this Earthly plane. In so,repparttar 110099 solution lies within us all. The only difference between mankind's survival and mass-level extinction is whether or not we choose to userepparttar 110100 solution.

For a metaphysical point of view on polar shifts, go to: Crawford 2000

For information on what you can do to make our world a better one, go to: US Environmental Protection Agency GreenPeace

Peace to all.

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2005 - Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Mudslides: Extreme Events - What Do They Mean? By C. Bailey-Lloyd Aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations' Director & Staff Writer www.holisticjunction.com www.mediapositiveradio.com

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