Trust in Marriage

Written by Jenny Clair

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work together point of view is of prime importance as you will both need to cross each others paths many times throughoutrepparttar day for example when clients visitrepparttar 146030 office and one of you are busy elsewhere,repparttar 146031 other person is trusted to entertainrepparttar 146032 client in not only a business manner but also on a personal level. This can be advantageous to bothrepparttar 146033 client and yourselves as one of you can take care ofrepparttar 146034 mundane items whilst leaving valuable quality time forrepparttar 146035 rest ofrepparttar 146036 meeting when your partner returns. On a more personal note, you can make your client feel more relaxed and less anxious as you can prepare drinks and informally chat about subjects such as hubbies and past times together. You can build a great rapport betweenrepparttar 146037 client and yourself which comes in very useful for future communications. Again, a bond of trust is needed to establish a true ‘trust marriage’ even from a business relationship.

If you trust someone not to stray from marriage then you must also trust them not to have an affair or sleep with anyone else. Marriage is a serious business and can only thrive if there is trust betweenrepparttar 146038 two of you. Your partner also relies on you for your stability, continuity, dependability and you are being relied on to fulfil a trust marriage. When you satisfy each others needs then there is no reason to desire anyone else in a trust marriage. Trust does not mean being possessive. Trust is a request that you make to each other to abide by. To be trusted in marriage and to continue to remain trusted and faithful to for as long as you are married. If more people were trusting thenrepparttar 146039 world would be a happier one.

Jenny Clair is the editor of an article based web site exploring the human side of marriage breakdowns, divorce and separation situations.

Zenobia' Life Lessons

Written by C.V. Harris

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With certainty, I am now able to recall and duplicate these lessons torepparttar point of being able to reciterepparttar 145978 language that she used, verbatim when I am rearing my children. I now repeatrepparttar 145979 exact words to my son and daughter when I am providing direction to them or answering a very difficult question pertaining to life, as they know it in their young years.

Today, when I look intorepparttar 145980 face of my 20-year old son, and my 19-year old daughter, I am waiting with eager anticipation to see what they will do withrepparttar 145981 Life Lessons that I have instilled in them. However, unconscious to them as it was unconscious to me whenrepparttar 145982 lessons were being taught to me. These arerepparttar 145983 tools that were passed down to me by my phenomenal mentor, Zenobia.

I used to think for years afterwards; that my mother’s her death was pointless. I was angry with her for passing and thrusting me into to a world totally opposite fromrepparttar 145984 nurturing, warm, loving, habitant that I was accustomed to when she was alive. I’ve learned that Zenobia’s death atrepparttar 145985 tender age of 35 was not pointless, not at all. Had she not left me when she did, I would not berepparttar 145986 courageously, independent woman that I am today. Her passing, as illogical as it may sound to some, somehow shaped, molded, and prepared me to live my life and prosper.

Through her death, I’ve learned that however sad,repparttar 145987 death of a loved one is also a very necessary action. When we allow ourselves to mourn, we are able to accept to a certain extent,repparttar 145988 passing of our loved one. Torepparttar 145989 extent, that one CAN accept it. But one day, after you have acceptedrepparttar 145990 death, acceptedrepparttar 145991 reality of it all. You too, will take that mental journey back.

Zenobia was my mother. You will one day remember your Mother as I am remembering mine, which is quite often. I now know that her passing is not a totality for me. She lives on through and inside of me. She lives on each time I recall or share a funny story with my children about their grandmother. She lives on when I am in my daughter’s room and happen to glance atrepparttar 145992 picture frame encircled with rose petals that houses a photo of my mother that my daughter keeps on her dresser each day. She lives on each time, I make a sweet potato pie or stuffing from scratchrepparttar 145993 way my mother used to make.

My remembrance of my mother living, teaching, and sharing those Life Lessons will and forever be something that no on can ever remove from my heart.I love you mommy, you were a phenomenal woman!!…I should know because now I am one too. Thank you for your Lessons of Life! I Love you.

C.V. Harris is a writer living in South Orange NJ who's passion for expressing the sentiments of love, grief and triumph can be both entertaining as well as motivating. C.V. Harris has other inspirational articles at

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