Trust - A poetic investigation, not hampered by commitee status.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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Suddenly its rhetoric thats transparant, Andrepparttar listeners hear not quite nothing, The glares now are quite apparant, Andrepparttar 118217 sound is muted frothing, Forrepparttar 118218 illusion is unravelling, The promised land just as far away, Their new ale isnt travelling, And their house is in decay.

Do you believe a word they say, Feel secure they are in place, They promised us all a different way, Then slapped us inrepparttar 118219 face, Seemed to think we would just blink, And take it in our stride, Forget they tweak a dangerous link, When they tamper with our pride.

They seem to deem us stupid, Devoid of thought or reason, And only ever act as cupid, When its an election season, Previously ministries made mistakes, And cuckolded cogent cries, But none before these raisedrepparttar 118220 stakes And made an art form out of lies.

Ex systems programmer, originally Civil Engineer. Retained interest in Engineering, though now lamentably less civil. About to be eliminated by Blair Police for having an opinion and not having been fined for a month. I enjoy being taxed and my intelligence insulted and look forward to the next election, if not much sooner.

Poetry to make you smile at stupidy rampant at present.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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And its not his fault its mine, At least he hasnt claimed at all Loss of earnings to be backdated, But before I reply to him, I have to have it all translated, As he is not from these shores, But just resident for a while, So as they wont deport him, I have to pay up and smile, Luckily I may also pay myself, From what I have been reading, As as a victim of a burglary, Im entitled to money from my speeding, When caught recently at midnight, Doing twenty in a fifteen zone, Coming up my private driveway, TOrepparttar entrance of my home.

Ex systems programmer. From an age where common sense existed.

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