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What role do I play in this? I write about how energy works. I've applied that also to *Manifesting Millionaires*. And it is my personal goal set forth fromrepparttar wiser side of me, to see that we all haverepparttar 125588 tools to do this.

Money is easy to come by. We have been taught it is not easy to come by, or we have to be especially talented. Not So! BUT we Believed *them* ! We Believedrepparttar 125589 *they* people! Why? No one was showing us anything different.

Well, no thats not true, Jesus showed us different, but we didn't listen, & never gotrepparttar 125590 ok from anyone to apply it to money.

I study Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires on purpose. I read about them from an energy perspective. I've read all 3 of Trumps books, I've read Richard Bransons books , and of course it goes without saying I've read lots of Madonna includingrepparttar 125591 most recent Biography done on her.

Trump and Branson both had supportive families that aided them. Madonna fought hard against her families wishes in order to be who she became. Point: Family has zippo to do with it. Yes, it can help. Butrepparttar 125592 reason it can help, is thatrepparttar 125593 *energy* aroundrepparttar 125594 family is conducive and flowing, which is a mechanics to success in EASE. Madonna had tons of resistance around her, and she fought for much of what she has. Her energy was in building up herself, her belief in what she was doing and who she would become. It was again about energy. She did not understand how she was doing it; all she knew was that this meant more than anything to her.

If you read comments by these 3 folks, and or folks who write about them, they all userepparttar 125595 words *focus, determination & persistence*. They just JUMPED. At times they had to re- group, but that never kept them from jumping again.

Fine. Even in Donald Trumps **last book, he maderepparttar 125596 comment that money just seemed to flow to him, he *did not know why*. (**The Art of The Come Back)

Well I know why. And many more are finding out why; and as we all know why and how sweet money shows up, thenrepparttar 125597 fear, and love/hate relationship with money changes. Then as our relationship with money changes globally, thus does humanity flourish, and right down to our own lives, relation- ships, businesses, and livelihoods.

Susan James, writes of *User Friendly Physics* to design our lives by; from Dreams Come True to Weight Loss: Visit Susan's website for more details! *Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires* (ebook) (by Susan James) Sample *The Branches* : Send Blank Email To:

The Power of Previewing

Written by Ron Sathoff

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As you become more experienced with preview statements, you can start making them a little more sophisticated. Instead ofrepparttar above preview statement, you might say "The only way we can improve this situation is to understandrepparttar 125587 problem,repparttar 125588 causes ofrepparttar 125589 problem, and what needs to be fixed in order to solve it." This isn't nearly as straightforward asrepparttar 125590 first, but it still creates an organization for your speech inrepparttar 125591 minds ofrepparttar 125592 audience.

In any case,repparttar 125593 point here is to give your audience a "roadmap" that they can use to understand your speech. Whenrepparttar 125594 audience knows where you are going, they are less likely to get lost.

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