True or False? A Crash- appraisal of the American logic in the War on Iraq

Written by Nevine Al Seidi

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Another reason for America to rip Iraq and shred it is to search for weapons UN inspectors failed to find. Should we assume that American troops are not fighters but Phd holders of some occult tradition? Should we assume that America is an authority aboverepparttar UN and therefore in a position to "correct" what goes wrong withrepparttar 126033 UN efficiency? More reasonable, let us think thatrepparttar 126034 CIA has very valid confidential info that Saddam Hussein has Anthrax pre-packed in his palatial fridges and chemical heads stuffed in his republican "Dictator size" mattresses. But why would not America enlightenrepparttar 126035 UN inspectors with its genius findings?

Inrepparttar 126036 American struggle against terrorism, Hussein's head had to be chopped suey. Well, taking into consideration thatrepparttar 126037 new findings pertaining torepparttar 126038 aggressors inrepparttar 126039 WTC incident confirm that Hussein was Bin Ladden's " left" hand, and that Iraq which is in factrepparttar 126040 only ‘secular' regime inrepparttar 126041 Arab world, must be suspect number one in "radical' terrorism, this could be a very reasonable reason. True?

America , as a super power, has a responsibility to makerepparttar 126042 world a safer and happier place for all. This isrepparttar 126043 easiest question to answer! Yes, you cannot go wrong here. What a happier world we are going to have withoutrepparttar 126044 United Nations ? With a few million Iraqis less Iraq lost 1.5 million lives because of war and sanctions already)? With funerals in British and American homes? With a stagnant world economy? With fear of travel? With gluing our tearful eyes to TV screens parading loss of life and total destruction?

Since you have gone that far markingrepparttar 126045 above statements as True or False, you might like to answer this one question aboutrepparttar 126046 American Intelligence Quotient. Kill forrepparttar 126047 dollar isrepparttar 126048 American dream coming true. That one must be..well.. very TRUE.Or why else arerepparttar 126049 troops so anxious to save oil fields with minefields - pun truly intended!

An Egyptian writer and poet who works in English.

Americqa, Jihad is Coming!

Written by Nevine Al Seidi

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Iraq has openly invited volunteers to defend Iraq from any and every Arab and Muslim country. Muslims are preparing to go to Iraq . There is a very serious doubt that coalition or conspiracy forces can tighten all borders to stoprepparttar trickle of Muslim volunteers intorepparttar 126032 battlefield. The most dangerous face of jihad in a time like this uncovers in non-radicals, Christians and other- religion Arabs supporting it, yours truly included. All Arabs agree on one thing today: that a pan-Arabia isrepparttar 126033 name ofrepparttar 126034 game. And like Victor Hugo says: " Greater thanrepparttar 126035 tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come". To worsenrepparttar 126036 best case scenario, America is bound to loserepparttar 126037 war no matter how much destruction it achieves in Iraq. Winningrepparttar 126038 war means displacing a regime America hates by a regime that does not exist. All those opposition parties that are talking loudly from one European country or another belong to minorities, mainly Kurds. The population of Kurds belonging to various opposition parties are 5 million. Most ofrepparttar 126039 Kurds do not want to rule Iraq, they want to take part of it to call Kurdestan! America will be too naive too see a Kurd ruling Iraq one day. Worse still,repparttar 126040 American army is not fighting an army but guerrillas. Those guerrillas are fighting inrepparttar 126041 name of God, not just Saddam. I can hardly imagine those substituting their belief in God by their belief inrepparttar 126042 American Jesus who is trying to save them by stealing their oil and distributing contracts to rebuild a country he has not yet conquered but has destroyed himself. Jihad is coming.. and as Kissinger explains: " The conventional army loses if does not win. The guerrilla wins if it does not lose". Bush has introduced a second Middle East crisis to be sure. Iraq is not Afghanistan in any sense.

Writer and Peace Activist from Egypt

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