True Independence for Tunbridge Wells Residents

Written by Judy Barrett

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advertised. It is free to submit to, with no submission criteria other than thatrepparttar site must be related to Tunbridge Wells.

Findrepparttar 140106 site at

Judy has 20 years experience in the IT industry.

She studied mathematics and Oxford University, then went on to join a large retailer's IT department. She then spent many years as a consultant for one of the US' largest computer companies, before deciding to work as a freelance web consultant.

Judy has 4 children and is also a qualified teacher.

Top 5 Internet Tools That Will Shock You

Written by David D. Deprice

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4. NewsShark - Kissass News Reader

Inrepparttar realm of reliable newsreaders, NewsShark is a top contender. It specializes in downloading large files from Usenet, preventing partial or failed downloads with a multipart Resume feature. The partial file preview features downloads, decodes, and playsrepparttar 140017 first segment of an MP3 or MPEG, giving yourepparttar 140018 chance to decide if you want to downloadrepparttar 140019 full file.

5. Pluckit - Search Newsgroups For Pictures.

As if by magic, Pluckit seeks out only messages with binary attachments, grabs and saves them. Pluckit can display pictures individually, in a slide show, or in a gallery! All you have to do is tell Pluckit what kinds of pictures you are interested in and then clickrepparttar 140020 "Start Plucking" button.

David D. Deprice sells internet tools for pennies on the dollar at

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