Truck Grills on Funds Raise: Johnsonville Big Taste Grill

Written by Laura Ciocan

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The Big Taste Grill is a sight itself: even those who are familiar with truck grills, seeing this one forrepparttar first time are impressed with its enormity and uniqueness. Thus a great opportunity is offered for people to contribute to preferred charities in a pleasant way.

One ofrepparttar 113178 latest apparitions was at a fund raise for a local non-profit, atrepparttar 113179 Oconee County on 26-27 November.

A recent event of great popularity wasrepparttar 113180 one atrepparttar 113181 Pentagon, on October 7, "The Pentagon Brats & Music Festival", where funds were raised forrepparttar 113182 Pentagon Memorial Fund by selling lunches torepparttar 113183 23,000 employees ofrepparttar 113184 Pentagon. Serving from Johnsonville's Big Taste Grill were Miss America, Miss Virginia and Washington Redskin Cheerleaders.

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Christmas Dinner Made More Festive

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Personal Life Coach

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Simple, cheap, elegant-looking, quick, do-ahead treat. Yay!

Use seasonal ice cream -- peppermint, coconut, eggnog, pistachio. Letrepparttar ice cream soften and scoop it into a round Pyrex® that you’ve greased lightly with Pam®. Put it inrepparttar 113177 freezer until well frozen again. (Don't you loverepparttar 113178 things you can do in stages? Maybe at this point you'll need to runrepparttar 113179 dog torepparttar 113180 vet because it ate 2' of tinsel, like I did one Christmas, oh yes.)

Later ... take it out, soakrepparttar 113181 dish briefly in larger bowl of warm water till you seerepparttar 113182 ice cream melting onrepparttar 113183 edges, turn it over on a pretty serving platter, and out it comes in a dome. Tear strips of waxed paper and place them all aroundrepparttar 113184 plate, underrepparttar 113185 ice cream. Now whip cream till stiff, put it in pastry bag, use a tip such as Wilton 2D and pipe, pipe, pipe, little shaped blobs, each one next torepparttar 113186 other tillrepparttar 113187 mound is completely covered. Gently removerepparttar 113188 waxed paper, wiperepparttar 113189 serving platter with a wet rag, and placerepparttar 113190 ball back inrepparttar 113191 freezer till frozen. Once it’s frozen, cover it with a bowl or wrap until ready to serve. “Boule de niege” is French for “snowball”!

If you want to use Redi-whip, you must do it right before serving because it doesn’t last. How do I know? Well, it was a very sad "learning experience" involving a Christmas luncheon for my bridge group and I'll leave it at that.

Want it even easier? There’s an ice cream baking kit available here: .


Make a mixture of Dijon mustard red, green and white peppercorns (available here: ). Coatrepparttar 113192 beef with this before you encrust it. Put cut-out shapes onrepparttar 113193 crust as well.


Mash them and put them in a serving bowl. Then sprinkle just enough cayenne and parsley flakes for color. Wait a minute, I forgot we've letrepparttar 113194 maid haverepparttar 113195 week off. Use mashed potato mix, plump it into those festive individual ramekins (Williams-Sonoma has some pretty bright red ones) and bingo! Oh wait, place a star-shaped pat of butter atop each one.


Bake your cake in a springform pan with a Christmas base – Christmas tree and holly patterns are available here:


Super easy, cheap, eye-candy, and doaheadable.

X-rated Version: Fill fluted glasses with any ice cream. Drizzle green crème de menthe and chocolate over it. Add maraschino cherry – red or green. If you use red cherry, add green mint leaf.

GP-rated Version:Drizzle with hot fudge sauce and sprinkle crumbled candy cane on top.


Trifle isrepparttar 113196 original LOW MAINTENANCE dessert. There are as many recipes as there are people making it. We love it because it's like that old "dump cake" recipe, remember? It just doesn't matter that much. Soak that cake in amaretto or schnapps, add what you like, layer it ... it’s got cheap ingredients, it’s retro-new, andrepparttar 113197 presentation! It’s so NOT FRAGILE. Put it in a huge brandy snifter type container. Or put it in a Christmas tureen and smooth a layer of whipped cream onrepparttar 113198 top (use warm wet flat spatula). This makes it look like a lid and people will keep trying to pick it up and there will be finger prints all over it (and lots of laughs).


Put chopped red peppers in amongrepparttar 113199 peas, Brussels sprouts or broccoli; stuff tomatoes with hamburger, cheese, green peppers, parsley. Cut stars out of processed cheese slices and place atop casserole.


If you did even 3 of these things, it would be "gildingrepparttar 113200 lily." Choose one or two. That's all!

I'm sure you can tell my philosophy has always been 'if I'm going to have to do it, I'm doing to make a party out of it.'


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