Troubleshooting Your Dish Network Receiver

Written by Nick Smith

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The Cables and Connections The wiring and connecting pieces that carryrepparttar signal fromrepparttar 141712 dish to your Dish Network receiver could also be part ofrepparttar 141713 problem. It is unlikely thatrepparttar 141714 image will suddenly cut out on you, especially inrepparttar 141715 fourth quarter, ifrepparttar 141716 wiring is bad. The easiest way to test this is to ensure thatrepparttar 141717 integrity ofrepparttar 141718 cables is still intact and that all ofrepparttar 141719 connections are tight. If you are still not getting picture to your television, try pluggingrepparttar 141720 cables into another TV, or routingrepparttar 141721 picture through your VCR. If you still have no football game, try using different cables. Ifrepparttar 141722 picture comes back at any time while you are doing this, youve honed in on whererepparttar 141723 problem is and you can go about fixing it afterrepparttar 141724 game, of course.

Your Dish Network Receiver On a very rare occasion, your receiver may stop receiving or decodingrepparttar 141725 signal properly. To fix this, simply unplugrepparttar 141726 receiver for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. (Dont worry 1:42 can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes atrepparttar 141727 end of a football game.) You can also try takingrepparttar 141728 programming card out ofrepparttar 141729 receiver and then putting it back in again. Both of these steps help resetrepparttar 141730 receiver, and it should start functioning properly again as soon as you turn it back on.

Your New Plasma TV Im no expert on troubleshooting TVs that cost more than my car, but checkingrepparttar 141731 cables and connections is never a bad thing. A word of advice from one who has been there and done that make surerepparttar 141732 back of your huge, heavy television is readily accessible. The only thing that will make you more angry than missingrepparttar 141733 miracle comeback of your favorite team in that game you are missing, is dropping that massive television on your toes as your were breaking your back moving it out fromrepparttar 141734 wall.

The good news is your team came back from behind and won. The better news is you read this article and were able to watch it live. The best news is you kept your cool and because your wife was so impressed withrepparttar 141735 way you handledrepparttar 141736 whole situation, she bought you a pool table.

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The Newbie's Guide to Personal Computer Maintenance

Written by Austin Culley

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your computer registry. The free version allows you to clean or repair ten items at

a time, so you will have to re-run it numberous times if you have many problems.

4) Internet Speed - If you use dial-up, or have a computerrepparttar size of a calculator,

you may wish to use RamBooster to help give yourepparttar 141660 best speed possible forrepparttar 141661

limitations you have.

Go to for these and other great resources.


Now that you've taken outrepparttar 141662 garbage, you should keeprepparttar 141663 place neat and tidy by

usingrepparttar 141664 programs already existing in your computer. Once again, you should do

this once a week:

1) Clear your Internet History

2) Defrag your Computer

3) Use a Firewall

You can findrepparttar 141665 programs that will do this for you by looking inrepparttar 141666 System Tools or

Security Center sections of your computer.

Another option for those of you who've got smoke billowing out ofrepparttar 141667 back of your

computer, with no seemingly useful solution in sight; you may wish to look atrepparttar 141668

System Restore feature that your computer may have. This allows you to revert

back to a state when your computer actually worked well. It doesn't work allrepparttar 141669

time, by it is an option ... and not an end all be all ... use it only when absolutely


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