Trojan World War

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Iberia became home to many Milesians and I believe these were Iberians fromrepparttar Caspian Iberia which has a capital called Tiflis, now. Clearly many Kelts went back to Ireland and Britain from even beforerepparttar 144811 Hyksos period asrepparttar 144812 Beaker people in 2200 BC. and it appears that many more came in 1500 BC. Wasrepparttar 144813 Trojan War just an extension ofrepparttar 144814 Hyksos wars? Troy III was called Aa-Mu andrepparttar 144815 Phoenician Brotherhood may well have included remnants of Harappa and Mu (SE Asia?). Pythagoras had a Phoenician parent, but by this timerepparttar 144816 Brotherhood seems to have been split into many factions. He went againstrepparttar 144817 Sybarites as we know and they were allied withrepparttar 144818 Etruscans who were allied with Carthage againstrepparttar 144819 Phocaean/Milesians or Iberians who seemed separate from their Venetii Keltic 'brothers'. Yetrepparttar 144820 Venetii weren't againstrepparttar 144821 Kelts or Bruttii when they came to get rid ofrepparttar 144822 Tarquin lineage of Etruscans and Rome became a reality. We will cover this a great deal more underrepparttar 144823 ‘mystery’ ofrepparttar 144824 Battle of Alalia.

Numerous Greek states seem to have been allied at Naucratis as we showed and it would be logical to assume they were Hyksos/Phoenician a century before. Thus we end up with having to say there was no Greece and that historians are talking about a continuous or corporate entity that seldom (if ever) existed. Pythagoras seems to have had a strong spiritual leaning in his Crotonite followers that were allied withrepparttar 144825 syncretic hermetic cults,repparttar 144826 Therapeutae of Jesus, Heliopolis and later Alexandria's Gnostics. We would have to sayrepparttar 144827 Cathar ecumenicism may have a root in these groups and that certain groups of Jews and Islamic people (Sufis) were still able to get along for centuries to come. Inrepparttar 144828 final analysis (at this point) we should simply sayrepparttar 144829 battle of ideas continued afterrepparttar 144830 all out battles ended. The pirates and corporate enterprises were seeking marriages and elites became stronger from 2,000 BC. torepparttar 144831 time of Jesus. Rather than covering these wars and empires from a Parthian or Hittite and Egyptian perspective we hoperepparttar 144832 business and theological associations are instructive. It is also necessary to understandrepparttar 144833 financial import ofrepparttar 144834 American trade that Phoenicians seem to have maintained. Maybe a settlement of sorts was reached where certain enterprises in Greece and Anatolia leftrepparttar 144835 Iberian-Punic interests to controlrepparttar 144836 American trade and they tookrepparttar 144837 Mediterranean in places whererepparttar 144838 Phoenicians could no longer exercise adequate control.

TROY: - There is good reason to believe this area and Smyrna was inhabited with advanced cultures as far back as 9,000 BC. and Catal Huyuk's far less important but well preserved site makes one think it would have taken even longer to leaverepparttar 144839 coast and move inland to establish such an advanced culture in 7,500 BC. Clearly seacoasts had a lot of defensive and trading benefits and there would only be a need to move inland when allrepparttar 144840 land was spoken for onrepparttar 144841 rivers running torepparttar 144842 Sea.

Troy VIIa seems to have beenrepparttar 144843 site Schliemann claimed to have found all by himself. We will see he did play an important part in showing established archaeology should listen to legend but that he was not all he wanted us to believe either, in this brief forward by Mr. Fagan.

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Secure the border, secure Internet connections...what about securing our children's minds?

Written by Daviyd Peterson

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A moral education isrepparttar first defense our children should have against everything else, they needrepparttar 144740 ammunition to makerepparttar 144741 right choices when it comes to drugs, violence and when to start a family - which is whererepparttar 144742 confusion starts that creates teen pregnancy inrepparttar 144743 first place. A second pillar of defense is a proper relationship with your child as each one is a different person and needs respect, love and wisdom for that individual. These pillars help develop a foundation that can withstand practically any assault our children have to face inrepparttar 144744 world today and inrepparttar 144745 future.

Ifrepparttar 144746 Southern Baptist Convention is drawing up a resolution advising parents to take their children out of public schools, then at least we have someone paying attention. Their needs to be a far louder alarm sent to parents everywhere to get our children into a quality environment where they can learn moral values and will not be restricted or challenged for exhibiting moral values. This is an issue that needs to be addressed like no other as it is already too late to ignore withrepparttar 144747 large number of children being negatively affected byrepparttar 144748 forces trying to brainwash them to makerepparttar 144749 wrong choices.

We all need to remember - to train up a child inrepparttar 144750 way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

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