Triple Your Traffic with Top Keyword Strategies

Written by Cari Haus

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You may be surprised atrepparttar terms people are using to find your site. Information is power. If you find an invaluable search term that your site should be optimized for, or one that is most likely to produce a buyer,repparttar 136582 fees you pay for a visitor tracking service such asrepparttar 136583 one included in Liveperson will be well worthrepparttar 136584 money.

3.Optimize Keywords Within Your Website

Once you have evaluatedrepparttar 136585 best keywords for your website, your site must be optimized for those terms. We tried for a 5% keyword density on our website, bold-faced some ofrepparttar 136586 keywords, and set them as links whenever we could.

You’ll also need to revisit your title, meta and alt tags to make sure they highlight your keywords. Many SEO experts believe thatrepparttar 136587 first few sentences ofrepparttar 136588 text on a page should include your top keywords. These might seem like very simple steps to take, butrepparttar 136589 payoff can makerepparttar 136590 difference between being onrepparttar 136591 first page—or second—for your desired terms.

4.Reap Good Results with Resource Boxes

This fourth step is about links as much as keywords. Our log furniture site would not be receivingrepparttar 136592 traffic it is without a link trading and article submission campaign. We give our link partnersrepparttar 136593 top terms that we want to achieve ranking for. As a result, links pointing back to our site have our top terms either right by or inrepparttar 136594 links. Take it fromrepparttar 136595 voice of experience—this matters. You’ll also want your top terms inrepparttar 136596 resource boxes for any articles you post onrepparttar 136597 Internet.

5.Rotate Your Keywords When You Reachrepparttar 136598 Top

When you reach top status for a given keyword, go after another by changingrepparttar 136599 link or article resource text for your new set of coveted terms. That’s what we plan to do for Log Cabin Rustics. Once we solidify our standing for “log beds” and get torepparttar 136600 top for “log furniture” on Google, we plan to focus on “rustic furniture”—a term with 17760 Overture-powered searches per month.

Only Part ofrepparttar 136601 Story

We do not mean to imply that keyword selection and management isrepparttar 136602 only thing you should do to promote your site. A solid link strategy, article publicity campaign, and overall site optimization are also important factors in any successful SEO strategy.

Butrepparttar 136603 importance of choosingrepparttar 136604 right terms and optimizing for them should not be underestimated. You might also want to check out Marketleap’s free keyword verification tool, which reports where your website is placing onrepparttar 136605 different search engines for your keywords of choice.

Cari Haus has been successfully selling rustic log furniture and beds on the Internet since the late 1990’s. Copyright 2005 by Cari Haus, website Permission is granted to reprint this article, either online or in written publications, as long as the copyright information, this paragraph, and a link address or a link to the Log Cabin Rustics website is attached at the end of the article.

How to Make Your Resource Box Sell

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

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And that's going to do wonders for your link-popularity. Remember,repparttar major Search Engines Are making link-popularity one ofrepparttar 136549 key factors in ranking their search results.

3) Your Newsletter subscribe address

A given reader may not purchase your product, they may not even click through to your website, but why not at least capture their email address?

Remember thatrepparttar 136550 average person has to see your message seven times before they buy your product.

4) Something FREE!

Your Resource Box is probably one of a dozen other Ads inrepparttar 136551 same Ezine, all clamoring for attention. Offer something free and you'll vastly increaserepparttar 136552 chances of a reader clicking through to your website.

Good luck.

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