Triggering Female Lust

Written by Mike Pilinski

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What they look for, instead, are signs of male POWER.

You see, women possess a deeply-rooted pre-intellectual *instinct* which compels them to submit themselves for copulation inrepparttar presence of what they sense to be a DOMINANT MALE. They cannot help feeling like this -- despiterepparttar 105760 fact thatrepparttar 105761 modern woman manages to suppressrepparttar 105762 urge to act on these feelings most ofrepparttar 105763 time (but, not always...). So when a man learns how to projectrepparttar 105764 most subtlest of gestures, actions and attitudes that suggest he's a "dominant male", he can force a woman's subconscious mating desires to become aroused WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT.

And some of them won't like it a bit. She may get upset because you've forced her to experience a potent feeling which she may feel compelled to conceal withrepparttar 105765 workings of her more rational mind. And yet when a woman consents to have sex with a man who has set off these automatic desires in her, she stands to enter intorepparttar 105766 hottest, most fulfilling sensual experience that it is possible for her to have. And she knows it.

...AND she's also frightened of it -- because once unleashed in this way, it can be difficult to stemrepparttar 105767 cascade of all-consuming passion. She risks takingrepparttar 105768 kind of social and romantic chance that only happens a precious few times in her life. Can she allow herself to become addicted to a man who can make her see stars?

By learning to adoptrepparttar 105769 actions and attitudes ofrepparttar 105770 dominant male, it is possible to create these sort of emotional disturbances in women at will. Almost any girl that you can manage to talk to in a SPECIFIC sort of way can have her "lust triggers" ignited like a blow torch. And whenrepparttar 105771 ability to seduce becomes more a skill than mere luck, your chances of sufferingrepparttar 105772 humiliation of being rejected vanish too. Now you have done more than learned to actrepparttar 105773 part of a dominant male, you have *become* one. And truthfully, there's no real difference. Because in this game, acting is BEING.

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Divining with Ordinary Playing Cards

Written by Sam Stevens

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5: being atrepparttar threshold of a project, anxiety about money, financial exchanges.can sometimes indicate great success in business 4: delays, emotional issues, troubles with business or money, illness 3: infidelity, a love triangle, a love or marriage that is ending 2: division, scandal, and deception gossip Diamonds (Coins) Ace: new job, promotion, cash windfall, an engagement ring, King: an old regime,repparttar 105759 patriarchy, inescapable boundaries and rules...can mean a stubborn but powerful man. Usually fair haired man Queen: sophistication. society, control. Can mean a mean spirited woman or a flirt. A vain woman. Usually fair haired woman. Jack: bad news, unreliable or shaky circumstances. Unwanted visit from a relative. Destructive or sullen young man usually fair-haired. 10: life changes, a move, a trip for business or money reasons 9: a happy financial surprise or opportunity and surprises, travel, adventure, excitement 8: a new relationship, a renewal of vows late marriage or new relationship, reunion 7: gossip, lies, rumours, , criticism, sarcasm, and bad luck at gambling or love 6: reconciliation, early marriage; sometimes premature end to a relationship. 5: business success, happy news, unexpected windfall, patronage, a loan 4: power, an inheritance, good fortune...sometimes betrayal in business 3: divorce, legal or domestic battles, quarrels, violence 2: a love affair thriving despite great odds, a soulmate Clubs (Wands) Ace: artistic talent, inspiration, a love for life, achievement, honour, professional success, King: prosperity, good business, faithfulness, and philanthropy. An honest, reliable, generous man. Usually a dark haired man. Queen: Intelligence, flexibility, fairness. Organization.An attractive, caring soul. Usually dark haired woman. Jack: a reliable friend, sincere but impatient 10: unexpected gift, money or good fortune, a silver lining in a cloud 9: an affair, an infidelity, a new romance..Sometimes disagreements with friends 8: bad decisions, opposition, bad luck in gambling, a loan that is not repaid, 7: success, prosperity, competition, can sometimes mean dealing with rivals in romance 6: a profitable business or partnership, a successful project 5: aid or support from a friends or family, sometimes marriage with a wealthy woman 4: interference, unexpected ill will, failure of a project, bad planning 3: marriage or union...sometimes a long engagement or sex without marriage 2: opposition, disappointment, lack of acceptance in business or social circle. Have fun!

Sam Steven's metaphysical articles have been published in many high-standing newspapers and she has published several books. You can meet Sam Stevens at where she works as a professional psychic. You can also read more of her articles at where she is the staff writer. Currently she is studying technology's impact on the metaphysics.

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