Tribute To Fallen Storm King Firefighters in Colorado Released

Written by Scott Jeffries

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Storm King Sacrifice turned out to be a descriptive piece from beginning to end. The listener can visualizerepparttar mountain sitting in all it's splendor, before being attacked byrepparttar 110071 flames. Suddenly, a stark progression of 14 chords climbs toward it's final ascent leading to an unmistakable, overwhelming silence. Inrepparttar 110072 end, despiterepparttar 110073 best efforts of those who sacrificed so much,repparttar 110074 mountain burned, then revealed it's own new life, reflecting nature's inevitable cycle.

More information about this piece and other music by JavaMusiK pianist Jeff Van Devender is available at and The song Storm King Sacrifice is available on Van Devender's latest release, 'Bending Chords,' and is available at or 1-800-289-6923. Proceeds fromrepparttar 110075 sale of each cd purchased through will be donated to a firefighter memorial fund.

Jeff Van Devender can be found performing every weekend in Estes Park, CO atrepparttar 110076 Stanley Hotel & Glenwood Springs, CO at Glenwood Caverns Exclamation Point Restaurant & duringrepparttar 110077 ski season in Aspen, CO atrepparttar 110078 St. Regis Hotel. He also plays for St. John's Episcopal Church every Sunday in New Castle, CO. Van Devender lives in Rifle, CO and is an elementary music teacher in Parachute.

Scott Jeffries - JavaNews, 2003

Colorado pianist Jeff Van Devender witnessed the Storm King Fire in 1994 which killed 14 firefighters. Several years later he wrote Storm King Sacrifice for piano at the base of Storm King Mountain, a touching and descriptive tribute to the fallen heroes who lost their lives battling the elements on that fateful day.

3 Proven Ways to Make Your Party Make You the Talk of the Town Everyday

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

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3. Lasting Memory Now think about this,repparttar last time you or your child went to a party what do you remember about it? Where was it? What food was served? What wasrepparttar 110070 party favor? Where isrepparttar 110071 party favor? I recently had a brunch. Atrepparttar 110072 party, we had nameplates (picture frames) that doubled as party favors. Duringrepparttar 110073 party, I had my sister take a photo of each guest with my kids. You guessed it ... we sent out thank you notes to each guest withrepparttar 110074 photo forrepparttar 110075 frame. 

As you surely already know, your organization is a must have key to your successful party. I don't care what you do - not being organized is suicidal. And remember, if you want your event to berepparttar 110076 talk ofrepparttar 110077 town take advantage of that Kodak moment.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on giving the best possible party, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts.

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