Triathalon Racing, It Starts At The Beginning

Written by Mike Herman

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Getrepparttar proper coaching. If not a physical trainer there are clubs to join and books to read that will assist your training.

You will need to learn how to eatrepparttar 148220 right foods to fuel your body when you need itrepparttar 148221 most.

Knowing when to eatrepparttar 148222 carbs and when to eatrepparttar 148223 protein is important, ie. Consumingrepparttar 148224 proper nutritution to help you train and race.

The good news is that triathalon racing is a sport in which you can constantly push yourself and training for, plus you end up in great shape and you generate some great friendships.

You can find outstanding training programs and evenrepparttar 148225 best triathlon gear right online.

You can also learn how to purchaserepparttar 148226 best triathalon apparel, where to get it from, and how to getrepparttar 148227 best price.

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Rugby Coach - 5 Steps to More Effective Rucking

Written by Dan Cottrell, Editor of Rugby Coach Newsletter

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4. Shoulders, hips and finger tips Get your players’ shoulders and hips lower thanrepparttar shoulders and hips ofrepparttar 148061 players in front of them. If can you also touch your finger tips onrepparttar 148062 ground just beforerepparttar 148063 contact, then, as long asrepparttar 148064 hips are lower thanrepparttar 148065 shoulders,repparttar 148066 contact should be enormous.

5. Leaverepparttar 148067 ball alone If players look to pick and drive (gatherrepparttar 148068 ball and take it on), or even try to securerepparttar 148069 ball by picking it up, thenrepparttar 148070 momentum ofrepparttar 148071 drive is lost and it just causes more traffic. Also pickingrepparttar 148072 ball up can lead to players being off balance and potential knock-ons as well. Help players make decisions on when to pick and drive andrepparttar 148073 only time to do this –whenrepparttar 148074 ball is clear atrepparttar 148075 back ofrepparttar 148076 ruck.

Dan Cottrell is the Editor and founder of Rugby Coach and has experienced rugby coaching at most levels. Dan qualified as an RFU rugby coach in 1997, he has worked with Jack Rowell (former England coach) Brian Ashton (former Ireland coach)and at Bristol, with Dave Alred, famously known as Jonny Wilkinson’s kicking coach.

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