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Written by Jeff Hodges

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Everyone is getting intorepparttar act

Everyone, it seems, is getting in onrepparttar 110047 game. Paramount Home Entertainment is capturing demographic segments with such diverse fare as "I Love Lucy" and "Star Trek."

Universal will release "Battlestar Galactica," "Sliders," "Quantum Leap," "Dragnet," "Emergency," "Magnum P.I." and "The Rockford Files."

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, which beganrepparttar 110048 drive to market TV shows on DVD with "The X-Files," is enjoying success with everything from "The Simpsons" to "Buffyrepparttar 110049 Vampire Slayer."

Warner Home Video has released two best-selling complete-season packages of "Friends," while HBO Home Video continues to score big with seasonal installments of "The Sopranos" and "Sex andrepparttar 110050 City."

Withrepparttar 110051 wealth of newer TV shows bowing on DVD, it appears both baby boomers and new buyers are ready to follow their TV favorites to DVD.

Outlook 2004

Withrepparttar 110052 explosive popularity of TV shows on DVD, consumers are in for a big reality check. Sales of TV series on DVD are expected to top $2 billion this year, and reality TV is a niche studios are mining in hopes of continuingrepparttar 110053 profitable run. Once viewed asrepparttar 110054 ultimate in disposable programming, reality TV shows new and old are popping up on DVD, with enough buyers to sustain an even greater flow in coming months.

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Seinfeld: The Chairs

Written by Alex Reidiboim and Martin Winer

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Jerry: The donkey? George: Yah, have you noticed onrepparttar coffee package that Juan Valdez's mule doesn't look very happy? Jerry: I don't want to know how you can tell when a mule is happy... Hang on a second, you drink coffee allrepparttar 110046 time. George: I am in to passive resistance. I enlighten others as torepparttar 110047 ills of our society hoping that they will do something about it. This is my niche in life.

This unaired Seinfeld script is an example of the comedic writing skills of Alex Reidiboim and Martin Winer

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