Treating Head Lice

Written by Margaret Tye

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not to use it anyway. Another solution is to use hair conditioner, left for a while, then combed with a nit comb. If you wiperepparttar comb on a piece of tissue you will seerepparttar 146227 head lice even if they were invisible onrepparttar 146228 head. This has to be repeated every 3 days for at least two weeks to ensure any newly hatched eggs are caught. Personally we found that olive oil, which we left on overnight after combing, worked better and leftrepparttar 146229 hair in a lovely condition. Howeverrepparttar 146230 problem kept recurring and finally I bought a battery operated flea comb designed for pets which we found very effective. I have noticed that these are now advertised for head lice.If you decide to use one, check thatrepparttar 146231 manufacturer guarantees that it is safe to use on a child. You should always remember that a child's skin is very sensitive. Advice on health matters should always be confirmed with a doctor and no liability is accepted for action taken .

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Whatever method you choose, don't become complacent, keep checking.

The Best Acne Cures – What Will Clear My Skin For Good?

Written by Peter Crump

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For those suffering with milder forms of acne, there are many other products that can act as natural acne cures. Dietary supplements, such as folic acid, echinacea and zinc can have drastic effects uponrepparttar skin, without introducing harsh and alien chemical substances intorepparttar 146205 body. A healthy diet and a good cleansing routine are also extremely important, as these arerepparttar 146206 basic tools for healthy skin, that will give your bodyrepparttar 146207 tools it needs to fight acne effectively.

So, what arerepparttar 146208 best acne cures? They are around, but they vary from person to person according torepparttar 146209 severity ofrepparttar 146210 acne they suffer.

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