Written by Joey Lewitin

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Uses Travertine is often used in counter tops, flooring, to resurface structures, and in cobble stoning. It is also used in a number of unique stone home furnishings. It is not as hard as quartzite, or as smooth as marble, although it can take a honed finish. Travertine is also available as Tufa, and as onyx, a semi translucent stone.

Travertine is mined heavily in Italy,repparttar U.S. and turkey. Historically it was used byrepparttar 127629 Romans, Byzantines, and ottoman empires in their ancient architecture. Today it is widely used both indoor and outdoor and is one ofrepparttar 127630 most versatile components available onrepparttar 127631 market. It is easy to maintain and clean, it is durable, reliable, and it doesn’t show dirt very much.

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Time travel: sci-fi?

Written by Khalil A. Cassimally

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When you watch a star, you are actually only seeingrepparttar light it emitted years ago. At present,repparttar 127628 star may be somewhere else inrepparttar 127629 night sky. (Stars do move in space). It might have deflected a little torepparttar 127630 east or north or north-northeast. The star is still emitting light though. This light will however be seen inrepparttar 127631 following decades or even centuries; or simply next year.

When you watch stars at night, you are actually looking inrepparttar 127632 past. So who or what is time travelling? The star? You? Or light? The further something is from you,repparttar 127633 further inrepparttar 127634 past you are penetrating into.

Maybe then, someday,repparttar 127635 newest technologies will be able to observe these seconds afterrepparttar 127636 Big Bang-if it ever occurred inrepparttar 127637 first place.

Khalil A.Cassimally is the editor in chief of Astronomy Journal and Astronomy Journal Ezine. He is also the co-founder of the RCPL Astronomy Club. He is currently Senior Columnist at and Columnist for h2g2 The Post where he writes 'Not Scientific Science' column.

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