Travelling Overseas Staying Healthy

Written by Felicity Walker

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Other things that should be observed arerepparttar general cleanliness ofrepparttar 147012 restaurant or food preparation area. A restaurant with no electricity, meat covered in flies hanging on hooks and perhaps a few stray animals wandering around is hardly likely to be a good risk!

There are alsorepparttar 147013 risks that can be avoided much more easily. These include casual sexual contact, intravenous drug use and other skin piercing activities such as tattooing and ear-piercing.

It is also important that you mention to your doctor that you have been travelling overseas to developed countries if you develop any symptoms such as nausea, lethargy, fever or jaundice after your return. These can often be categorised as a flu or common virus, when in fact they may be symptoms of a hepatitis infection. With full travel details,repparttar 147014 doctor will be more able to make a correct diagnosis and suggest necessary further testing.

With almost all health issues,repparttar 147015 key to disease free overseas travel is common sense. If you are going to be visiting a developing area, takerepparttar 147016 time to ensure you receiverepparttar 147017 necessary vaccinations in plenty of time for your trip. After all, that small amount of forethought may prevent a great deal of trouble later on. Copyright Felicity Walker 2005

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How to Obtain a Child's Passport

Written by William Manor

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5. Photo ID

Your own passport or drivers license will do.

6. Passport Application Form DS-11

Fill outrepparttar form carefully. Don't sign it until requested byrepparttar 146979 passport acceptance officer. The child's signature is required if he or she is older than 14 years.

7. Two passport photos of your child

The State Department has strict rules about passport photos. Your best bet is to get new photos from a professional passport photo service.

8. Payment

You will have at least three fees -repparttar 146980 Passport Application Fee,repparttar 146981 Execution Fee andrepparttar 146982 Security surcharge.

For children age 16 or older,repparttar 146983 passport fee is $55,repparttar 146984 security surcharge is $12 andrepparttar 146985 execution fee is $30. The total is $97.

For children under age 16,repparttar 146986 passport fee is $40,repparttar 146987 security surcharge is $12 andrepparttar 146988 execution fee is $30. The total is $82.

An expediting fee of $60 must also be paid torepparttar 146989 U.S. Department of State if you want to obtain your child's passport within 2 weeks.

Want to avoid problems, start early and followrepparttar 146990 requirements thoroughly. What do you do when a problem does arise? Rememberrepparttar 146991 first requirement for obtaining a child's passport.

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