Travel to Deep Space by Sitting at your Computer

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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These are a few more sites I discovered that give us more insight or ‘outsight’ into what is going on around us. Again I findrepparttar Internet has become a medium for discovering knowledge about life. Without leavingrepparttar 116212 office or my house I can travel torepparttar 116213 most beautiful places-real places, we’re not talking Star Trek here people! I’ve seen many magical things in my life thus far: snow –capped mountains, rainbows over waterfalls, sunsets on tropical beaches. I’ve seen art, heard music, watched films; I’ve lived a very fortunate life indeed. But, to see these pictures and to learn aboutrepparttar 116214 incredible worlds outside our own…on a computer at home…it has taken me to a new level of understanding, a new level of reverence for what it is we are part of. The only way to describe these galaxies, stars, and giant gas clouds close up is to softly and humbly speakrepparttar 116215 word ‘magic’. You will never see real paintings like this, beauty that stretches for millions of miles.

My computer screen has become a looking glass portal.

Jesse S. Somer; M6.Net Jesse S. Somer if from Earth, his connection to the Internet has now connected him to other worlds, real worlds.

Wine Etiquette With Ease

Written by Ben Bicais

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Corkage Etiquette

It is increasingly customary in many parts ofrepparttar country for restaurants to extend corkage policies for patrons whom wish to bring their own wine. However, this is notrepparttar 116211 case everywhere, (especially onrepparttar 116212 East Coast), and proper wine etiquette dictates that several things be kept in mind.

Always callrepparttar 116213 restaurant in advance to verify that corkage is allowed. Ask whatrepparttar 116214 fee is to avoid any surprises. In my experience, very few restaurants charge over $20 as a corkage fee. Some restaurants will waive this fee if an additional bottle is purchased fromrepparttar 116215 wine list, but do not assume that this isrepparttar 116216 case.

Wine brought to a restaurant should be relatively unique or rare, and definitely should not appear onrepparttar 116217 restaurant's wine list. Afterrepparttar 116218 waiter/sommelier opens and poursrepparttar 116219 contents, proper wine etiquette requires that you offer them a taste. Following these guidelines will ensure an enjoyable corkage experience.

The Duty ofrepparttar 116220 Host at Dinner Parties

The duty ofrepparttar 116221 host toward his/her guests is one ofrepparttar 116222 most ancient and enduring forms of etiquette in human civilization. When serving wine, making sure that your guests are comfortable withrepparttar 116223 process is your paramount concern.

Before serving, always allow wine time to breathe at room temperature. Never pour wine for guests immediately after opening. It isrepparttar 116224 host's responsibility to discreetly ensure thatrepparttar 116225 wine is sound and unspoiled. This should be done away from company, and a small amount should be sampled.

Always serve wine to your guests in clean, spotless glasses. This may seem obvious, but it is a very common mistake. Additionally, if more than one wine is served, make sure that they are poured in a logical progression.

Especially with older wines, be aware that there may be a significant amount of sediment atrepparttar 116226 bottom ofrepparttar 116227 bottle. Keep this in mind when decidingrepparttar 116228 portion given to each guest. Avoidrepparttar 116229 embarrassing situation ofrepparttar 116230 last person receiving an unacceptable amount of solids in their glass. If this is a concern with a particular bottle, refrain from pouringrepparttar 116231 last half glass.

It may be necessary to decant a wine to either remove sediment or to expose it to oxygen. Be cautious with this practice, as older wines may quickly fade if left in a decanter for too long.

Wine enjoyment should be an enjoyable and unintimidating process. With these tips in mind, you are prepared forrepparttar 116232 majority of social situations that involve wine.

Ben Bicais lives in the Napa Valley and is the webmaster of

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