Travel To Stowe Vermont - Ski Vacation Capital Of The East

Written by Catherine Olivia

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No vacation torepparttar Stoweflake would be complete without being pampered by one ofrepparttar 148779 many spa services offered byrepparttar 148780 Spa at Stoweflake. From traditional massages and facials, to treatments for men, to Eastern or Vermont bodyworkrepparttar 148781 Spa at Stoweflake is a world renowned spa. The highlight ofrepparttar 148782 Spa isrepparttar 148783 Aqua Solarium which has a hydrotherapy water falls and Hungarian mineral soaking pool to ease any tensions away.

Travel to Stowe any time ofrepparttar 148784 year. You will find a variety of activities all year round. For a winter vacation withrepparttar 148785 family,repparttar 148786 area of Stowe is known for cross-country skiing withrepparttar 148787 nation's largest cross country trail system. There are over 150 kilometers of groomed trails and 100 kilometers of back-country trails. For travelers looking for a downhill ski vacation, there is Mt. Mansfield for unsurpassed New England downhill skiing. The summit elevation is 4395 feet with a vertical drop of 2360. Mt. Mansfield offers skiing for all levels, beginner to expert. Dog sledding and snow mobiling are also fun winter vacation activities. Don't forget a romantic horse drawn sleigh ride for two!

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Hiring a car abroad – it’s not just the car insurance you need to worry about

Written by Paul Johnson

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3.Tyres Arerepparttar tyres flat? Do they have bald patches? Are there cuts or bulges inrepparttar 148778 side walls?

4.Brakes Driverepparttar 148779 car aroundrepparttar 148780 car park and checkrepparttar 148781 brakes work properly.

5.Airbag Isrepparttar 148782 airbag warning light flashing?

6.Lights Askrepparttar 148783 representative to stand outsiderepparttar 148784 car to confirm all lights work includingrepparttar 148785 reverse lights and indicators.

7.Bodywork Point out torepparttar 148786 car hire representative if there are any dents, scratches or other damage – to be sure you are not charged for it when you returnrepparttar 148787 car.

8.Seatbelts Tug sharply on all belts to check they lock properly.

9.Controls Familiarise yourself withrepparttar 148788 controls and askrepparttar 148789 representative if you are unsure.

10.Windscreen wipers and washers Make sure all are in good working order.

Rebecca Pearson, Customer Services Manager at duck2water Car Insurance said:

‘Car hire companies should valet and carry out a maintenance check on all vehicles they hire out. Sadly some car hire companies don’t even bother emptyingrepparttar 148790 ashtrays before handing overrepparttar 148791 keys to a new customer. Holidaymakers need to be cautious of all car hire companies; whether they are a local firm or multinational company.’

‘If you have any concerns aboutrepparttar 148792 condition of a hire car, ask for another one. You’rerepparttar 148793 customer, it’s you payingrepparttar 148794 bill and you and your family that are at risk if anything goes wrong. Above all make sure you have adequate car insurance to cover you if you have an accident.’

Contact: Rebecca Pearson Customer Services Manager duck2water Car Insurance

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